I.G.I. Origins Gameplay Reveal Coming in September

The prequel to the original Project I.G.I. is slated for release this year and is called I.G.I. Origins. The exciting stealth-based FPS game is being created by Toadman Interactive.

I.G.I. Origins has been in production since 2019, and its initial release date was set for 2021. The deadline was moved forward to 2023 to give the public the most polished version of the envisioned prequel. Fans have been impatiently waiting for gameplay clips and screenshots of the game in development. Anti Matter Games just shared a video on their official YouTube channel outlining the game’s present state.

Their video provides an overview of the game’s current condition and the efforts developers are making to replicate the classic characters and plot. They went on to say that although “David Jones“, the main protagonist of the series, won’t be in the game, the plot will feature a lot of well-known faces.

According to the creators, social interaction and in-game media coverage have suffered as a result of their commitment to providing their followers with the finest possible experience. However, one of the biggest news is that the game’s exclusive footage will be revealed in September 2022.

The I.G.I sequels have been eagerly awaited by players who used it as a jumping-off point for their FPS careers. The choice to use Unreal Engine 5 to produce IGI Origins has boosted anticipation among fans who are are excited to relive the nostalgic moments that made the original IGI games so memorable.


Muhammad Zuhair

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