id Software Cuts Ties With Mick Gordon Following DOOM Eternal’s Soundtrack Controversy

DOOM Eternal, id Software’s highly anticipated first-person shooter, launched earlier this year and was met with praise. The title was loved for its amazing soundtrack composed by the legendary Mick Gordon. Shortly after release, however, fans noted that some of Eternal’s soundtrack appeared to be almost exact copies of Doom 2016’s soundtracks. When contacted by a concerned fan, Mick Gordon claimed he was unhappy with the way id Software handled his music, and a controversy erupted.

In an attempt to clear up the air, DOOM Eternal’s Executive Producer Marty Stratton posted a lengthy message on Reddit today. In the post, Stratton lays out the entire story in a chronological fashion, and explains exactly how id Software’s Lead Audio Designer Chad Mossholder worked with Mick Gordon to deliver OST for DOOM Eternal’s Collector’s Edition.

Basically, the allegations of DOOM Eternal ‘ripping off’ the previous game’s soundtracks were debunked. Stratton explains that a mutual decision was made by Chad and Mick to “combine what each had been working on to come up with a more comprehensive release.” However, in mid-April, Mick told a questioning fan that he “didn’t mix those and wouldn’t have done that.” This is where the debacle intensified and things started falling apart.

Mick was unhappy with id Software for the following reasons: that he wasn’t happy with some of the edits of the soundtracks, and that the studio had given Chad co-composer credit. Responding to the former, Stratton says: “I understand this from an artist’s perspective and realize this opinion is what prompted him to distance from the work in the first place. That said, from our perspective, we didn’t want to be involved in the content of the OST and did absolutely nothing to prevent him from delivering on his commitments within the timeframe he asked for, and we extended multiple times.”

As for giving Chad co-composer credit, Stratton claims that that it’s something they “did not do and would never have done”.

At the end of it all, Stratton states that they “won’t be working with Mick on the DLC we currently have in production.” While we don’t know exactly what the future holds for Mick Gordon’s collaboration on DOOM, it is safe to say that we won’t be hearing his music in these games for the foreseeable future.

Farhan Ali
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