Intel Core i9-13900K Thermals Tested, Power Consumption Up to 350W

Yesterday, we covered an article showing the i9-13900K breaking the 40,000 barrier in Cinebench R23 multi-core testing. Today, another benchmark was conducted where thermal scores and performance are shown together (Finally!).

Two configurations were used in yesterday’s test, namely ‘Limited Power‘ and ‘Unlocked Power‘. While being limited, the i9-13900K came in around 250W while scoring a respectable 35693 points. Breaking the shackles, the i9-13900K consumed upwards of 350W of power eating away Zen3 (40,000 points).

Intel i9-13900K Limited Power Test

Another test was conducted for thermal performance

harukaze5719 on Twitter shared a few pictures from ECSM at bilibili. These images show us the HWINFO, CPU-Z and AIDA64 specifications of an i9-13900K under load. The 8 performance cores are clocked at 5.5GHz whereas the slower 16 efficient cores have a clock speed of 4.3GHz
Now, here comes the real deal. The i9-13900K under load has thermals reaching up to 90*C. An ambient temperature figure has not been given, although ECSM states that a moderately priced AIO was used. This is indeed better than the i9-12900KS, although the power consumption is close to a high-end GPU. Intel, ughm
Intel Core i9-13900K Configuration showing thermal performance

The performance is almost comparable to yesterday’s i9-13900K. Now, it will be absolutely boring to just show off the numbers due to the similarity, so we will instead give a performance per watt comparison against various flagships.

Intel Core i9-13900K in Cinebench R23 (Thermal Test)

These results are rather interesting. The R9 5950X crushes Intel’s best offerings in terms of efficiency, although with Raptor Lake, Intel does seem to come closer. We do not have exact numbers for the R9 7950X, but it seems as if Intel plans to leave no loose ends. These synthetic efficiency benchmarks can change drastically in-game where Intel certainly aims to take shots at AMD with Raptor Lake.

Cinebench R23 Performance per Watt



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