Intel Core i9-13900K Stock QS Benchmarked, 35% Faster Than the R9 5950X

Intel’s i9-13900K has been tested in various overclocked configurations, however, today we came across the first non-OC benchmark of this chip.

The i9-13900K is the flagship CPU from Intel’s Raptor Lake series featuring 24 cores / 32 threads. This CPU is built on the 10nm process node codenamed ‘Intel 7‘. Raptor Lake uses the Raptor Cove for its performance cores, whereas the same ‘Gracemont Cove‘ is utilized for the efficient cores. Although, Raptor Lake does feature twice as many efficient cores than Alder Lake.

Over at chiphell, cold water fish shared a picture showing the i9-13900K using the stock settings (No overclocking applied). The performance cores are clocked at 5.5GHz, no information regarding the efficient cores is given. 

The test bench uses the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 APEX motherboard along with 16GB of SK Hynix’s G.Skill DDR5-6400 RAM. 

The stock performance is quite astounding with the i9 scoring 892 points. That is a whopping 35% faster than the R9 5950X which scores just 658 points. Remember, the i9-13900K can boost up to 5.8GHz

i9-13900K QS Stock

This may seem lower thant the previous ~1000 scored on the i9-13900K, however, at 6.1GHz. At such speeds, the power consumption increases exponentially and we’re talking about ~350W of power, just for your CPU. 

Adding on to that, the i7-13700K was also tested various times. The speeds even reached up to a whopping 6.18GHz without liquid nitrogen cooling. No, I didn’t make a typo there!

  • i9-13900K (5.5GHz + 4.3GHz) = 879.7 points
  • i9-13900K (5.5Ghz + ?GHz) = 893 points *
  • i9-13900K (6.1GHz + ?GHz) = 976 points
  • i9-13900K (6.1GHz + No E Cores) = 1000+ points

* = incumbent CPU

It is indeed amazing to think about the overclocking potential of Raptor Lake. Recently, we came across news that AMD’s R9 7950X can be boosted up to 5.1GHz across all cores. Do note that when someone says 6.1GHz on an Intel CPU (Post 11th gen), the 6.1GHz only applies to the performance cores. The efficient cores may be clocked slower or disabled completely.

CPU-Z Benchmarks of Raptor Lake

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