Intel i9-13900K from Raptor Lake Has Been Leaked And It Crushes the i9-12900K

In a tweet from @TUM_APISAK, the benchmarks an Engineering Sample from Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake based CPUs were leaked. Similarly, just a a couple of days ago a few alleged synthetic benchmarks of the i9-13900K came out.

From the actual CPU-Z figures, we will notice that this SKU from Intel features 24 Cores/32 Threads making it highly possible that this is the i9-13900K. The rated TDP is around 125W, however, the maximum turbo power may exceed 200W. The same 10nm process node is used with Raptor Lake codenamed ‘Intel 7‘ as was with Alder Lake

i9-13900K | APISAK

The test bench used an MSI PRO Z690-A motherboard having 32GB of DDR4 RAM running at 2666MHz making it clear that Raptor Lake still has support for DDR4 RAM. The performance cores were set at 4.9 GHz whereas the smaller, more efficient cores were around 2.93.0 GHz


In the performance category, the i9-13900K scores 846 points in the single threaded CPU-Z based test against the i912900K’s 819 which is roughly a 4% increase, although keep in mind that this is an Engineering Sample (ES) so that actual performance on the final chip will vary by a lot.

CPUZ Single Threaded Benchmarks | APISAK

Moving on to the multi threaded tests, we see a massive increase over Alder Lake with the i9-13900K scoring 13054 points whereas the i9-12900K’s scores just 8279 making Raptor Lake over 60% faster in multi threaded tasks. Do note this test was conducted while only using 16 of the available 32 provided threads. If all 24 threads provided by the i9-12900K are used, we see its score jump upto 11719, reducing Raptor Lake’s lead to around 12%.  

CPUZ Multi Threaded Benchmarks | APISAK

Bear in mind, this is just an Engineering Sample so there is always room for improvement. As of now, no official release date has been announced for Intel’s upcoming 13th gen SKUs. With new CPUs from both Intel and AMD just around the corner, it will be really interesting to see how both fare against one another.


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