Intel Core i9-13900K Benchmarked in Cinebench R23 Without Any Power Limit, Breaches Into the 40,000 Territory

The leaks just keep on coming and coming. Yesterday, we covered a really comprehensive article regarding the i9-13900K‘s expected performance. For a more detailed overview, it is strongly recommended to give it a read.

The i9-13900K from Intel’s Raptor Lake features 24 cores (8p + 16e) / 32 threads. For this test, the CPU is clocked at 5.8GHz across 2 cores and 5.5Ghz across all 8P coers. Do note, we do not have exact specifications or the settings used, although Raichu (the leaker) mentioned the use of two power states namely ‘Unlimited Power‘ and ‘Limited Power‘.

When using the limited power preset, the i9-13900K scores an impressive 35693 points and 2290 points in the multi core and single core testing respectively. That’s decent! Although, the power consumption still remains at a maximum of ~250W.

Intel i9-13900K Limited Power Test

On unlocking the chip, records are broken as we see the i9-13900K breach into the 40,000 territory. The single core tests fall behind a bit, but they’re still incredible. The peak power consumption is not shown, however, we can approximately guess it to be between 350W and 400W.

Intel i9-13900K Unlocked Power Test

For relative performance comparisons, we compiled a few charts.

Both versions of our i9 today score more than the i9-13900K clocked at 5.5GHz at all cores (2277). This sort of single-core performance will make Intel favourable for gaming enthusiasts.

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake ST Test Updated

Coming to the multi-core test, we see massive changes in performance. The locked i9 falls behinds AMD’s R9 7950X (alleged), although not by much.

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake MT Test Updated

For relative percentange based benchmarks, both the locked and unlocked versions of the i9-13900K are on par in single core testing. They leave behind all other CPUs in the same category, including the R9 7950X.

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake ST Test (Reference Against i9-12900K) Updated

Oh boy, here comes the real comparison. Taking the i9-12900K as a reference point (100%), our unlocked i9-13900K is 50% faster against the Alder lake king in multi-threaded testing. Interestingly, it takes a 10% lead over AMD’s R9 7950X. Many will say “But it consumes 350W+ of power”. That’s true, but a look at the i9-13900K clocked at 5.5GHz (144.58%), which doesn’t use such power speaks for itself.

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake MT Test (Reference Against i9-12900K) Updated

I can already imagine people using the unlocked i9 along with NVIDIA’s 800W Lovelace Titan/Ti, try not to cause a fire please. Can Intel finally dethrone AMD in the multi-tasking department? As we eagerly wait for AMD Zen4’s launch, Intel is happily giving away benchmarks and leaks showing their confidence in Raptor Lake.


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