Intel i7-13700K Overclocked to 6.18GHz, Crosses the 1K Points Barrier in CPU-Z Single Core Testing

The last few weeks have been full of leaked benchmarks for Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake SKUs. A few days ago, the i7-13700K was overclocked to 6.0GHz, boasting 983 points in the CPU-Z ST Test. 

Yesterday, QXE87 on Twitter shared a benchmark of the i7-13700K QS heavily overclocked to 6.18GHz across all performance cores, while the efficient cores were at 4.18GHz. This test was conducted on a ASUS Z690 ROG STRIX motherboard using DDR4 RAM. Due to hyper-threading being disabled, CPU-Z shows 16 cores (instead of 24).

i7-13700K OC Benchmarks

As for the performance metrics, the OC i7-13700K reaches new heights by scoring a massive 1010 points in the single core test which jumps up to in 11877 the multi core test. Now that’s some performance! Although, the CPU is running at a whopping 1.536V. Do note that such voltages are unsafe for long-term use and may deteriorate the CPU.

Raptor Lake CPU-Z ST Benchmarks

As per rumours, Intel plans to reveal its 13th gen CPUs on 28th September during its innovation event. Intel is expected to disclose the specifications of these SKUs along with the pricing.

In a similar fashion, the expected launch date of these CPUs and the flagship Z790 Motherboards is 17th October.

For the budget segment of the market, the non-K SKUs from Raptor lake and mid range motherboards namely the H770 and B760 will be announced in CES 2023. This event reportedly takes place on 5th January, 2023.


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