Intel Core i7-13700K Overclocked to 6.0GHz, Unleashes its Power by Scoring 983 points in CPU-Z ST Testing

Just yesterday, on bilibili leaks came up regarding the gaming performance of the i7 and i5 K-SKUs from Raptor Lake. A few hours ago, the i7-13700K was allegedly tested in an overclocked specification with clock frequencies as high as 6.0GHz allowing the i7 to harness the full power of Raptor Lake.

Two tests were conducted, one with the efficient cores enabled and the other with the efficient cores disabled.

In the first test, all performance cores were running at 6.0GHz and the hybrid mode was disabled (Efficient cores were disabled). To our surprise, the CPU scored a massive 983 points nearly edging the 1000 barrier. This is higher than any other previous CPU tested. The multi core performance will of course not be as intriguing due to no Gracemont cores, at just 7814.7 points.

The motherboard used is the MSI MEG Z690, where the CPU voltage goes to 1.421V. Those interested regarding the temperatures will be disappointed because these were post-testing pictures, so sadly the temperatures are near idle.

i7-13700K @6.0GHz | Source : Unknown

The other test had the efficient cores turned on meaning all 16 cores (8p+8e) were utilized. The performance cores were clocked at 5.8GHz whereas the efficient cores were at 3.7GHz. The CPU scores a massive 947 points in the single core test. The multi core performance jumps up to 12896 points.

The ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-A motherboard was used for this benchmark and the voltage goes as high as 1.501V. Yet again, the temperatures are post-test so they are in the near idle range.

i7-13700K @5.8GHz | Source : Unknown

esperonlaie over at Twitter shared a video which features the same benchmark but this time we get a clearer view. The CPU runs at 86*C at 1.445V. Interestingly, this time the i7 was running the Cinebench stress test so this may be the third benchmark

The actual reference picture is below:

i7-13700K @5.9GHz | esperonlaie


CPU-Z ST Benchmarks of Raptor Lake and Alder Lake CPUs

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