Intel i5-14600K ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ CPU Spotted With 14 Cores & 20 Threads

HXL has shared a screenshot of Intel’s i5-14600K, confirming the specifications we saw before. The CPU has been showcased in CPU-Z and CoreTemp, although the thermals are not the primary concern.

i5-14600K Spotted in the Wild

The information displayed confirms the core counts and the boost clock speeds. In CPU-Z, the CPU is boosting up to 5.3GHz, reaffirming Benchlife’s leak. The model used is an Engineering Sample. However, since the CPU is so close to launching, the difference between this model and a retail sample should be minimal, if any.

The i5-14600K boasts 14 (6P+8E) cores and 20 threads. Intel still has opted not to use the full 8+8 die, maybe due to yield reasons. The L3 Cache stands at 24MB and the TDP is rated at 125W, standard for unlocked processors.

i5-14600K | HXL

As for the test bench, the leaker used a Z790 GAMING X motherboard with the F5 BIOS (6th June). The 14th Generation of Core CPUs will be compatible with all LGA 1700 motherboards. A BIOS update may be required on older models.

14th Generation Release Date

Intel will host an Innovation Event next month, where it is expected to reveal the 14th Generation CPUs (Unlocked). The launch date is expected to fall somewhere in October, but that’s just a rumor. Alongside that, we should also see some details regarding Meteor Lake as highlighted by a previous leak.

Raptor Lake Refresh is not a huge upgrade, at least on paper as compared to the 13th Generation. In fact, Intel has only uplifted the core counts and raised the clock speeds. Moreover, the introduction of DLVR is still unconfirmed. Stay tuned at Appuals for more articles like this.

Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsMax ClocksRaptor LakeCores/ThreadsMax Clocks

Source: HXL


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