The Intel i5-13600K Beats AMD’s Ryzen 7 7700X by 17% in Blender Benchmarks

Intel’s Raptor Lake will hit the shelves by the 20th of October. While we still need to wait almost 10 days, these CPUs are currently being tested by reviewers. HXL on Twitter shared the benchmark scores for the entire Raptor Lake K-series and compared it against AMD’s Zen4. Intel does loose its footing when put up against AMD’s top dogs. However, the budget oriented i5s and i7s are in a realm of their own.

The Benchmarks

At the top, we have Intel’s i9-13900K scoring 557.66 points losing by 8% to the 7950X. That is slightly on the lower side of things. However, the i7-13700K makes up for this by taking shots at the 7900X. If that’s not enough, the i5-13600K smokes the 7700X and the 7600X.

After being sorted from the lowest to the highest, AMD takes the crown in this benchmark. However, their market share in the budget segment is being threatened by Intel’s 13600K and 13700K SKUs.

Raptor Lake vs Zen4 in Blender

On a price to performance basis, we see Intel’s 13600K pull ahead against all other CPUs. Against the Ryzen 5 7600X, the i5-13600K delivers almost 40% more in the price-to-performance category. The Ryzen 7 7700X currently stands at the lowest in this list.

However, in raw performance AMD’s R9 7950X is unparalleled. This may be the best CPU available currently for productivity workloads. Still, when Raptor Lake reviews surface, only then will we know the real story.

Raptor Lake vs Zen4 in Blender Price To Performance


Intel’s platform this time comes equipped with performance that too at relatively inexpensive prices. Zen4 is actually cheaper than Zen3, however, the X670/B650 motherboards along with the DDR5 RAM requirement make this generation unfavorable for those on a budget. In gaming tests, we expect these 2 lineups to be neck-to-neck. Although, it is still too early to judge Zen4 because AMD’s promised $125 AM5 motherboards are still yet to arrive. 


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