Intel Core i5-13400F Listed At US Retailer For Just $216

A US retailer has listed Intel’s upcoming i5-13400 CPUs, with the F-counterpart going for as low as $216. For the unaware, the i5-13400 has been quite popular in the community for the past couple of days. We managed to obtain a retail sample of this unreleased and unannounced CPU and published our review here. (Spoiler: It’s really fast).

Early Listings

While not being the first listing globally, the i5-13400 has been listed in the US for the first time. What’s better is that the preliminary pricing is actually really decent. Over at ShopBLT, various Intel SKUs are available which coincidentally includes this unreleased CPU as well. 

This paints a picture of Intel’s pricing strategy. The i5-12400 cost around $190-210, so it seems that Intel is looking for a 10% price increase which isn’t that much considering you are paying for a 10-core CPU. 

i5-13400 CPUs Listed At US Retailer | ShopBLT


Against its 6-core predecessor, the i5-13400 firstly features 4 more cores and much more threads. In CS:GO, the i5-13400 managed to come extremely close to the i9-12900K. That’s a huge generational leap considering the fact that the 12900K is still a very powerful CPU. Against the Ryzen 5 7600X, it loses ground, especially in the single-core category. However, it can easily outpace the 7600X in multi-core performance.

It does consume slightly more power than the i5-12400, but that results in higher performance. In any case, the i5-13400 is a great-value CPU which is highlighted by our tests

Raptor Lake Lineup

CPU ModelFrequencyCacheCores/ThreadsProcessSteppingWattage
Core i9- 13900KF3.0GHz36MB24/32Intel 7BO125W
Core i9-13900K3.0GHz36MB24/32Intel 7BO125W
Core i9-13900F2.0GHz36MB24/32Intel 7BO65W
Core i9-139002.0GHz36MB24/32Intel 7BO65W
Core i9- 13900T1.10GHz36MB24/32Intel 7BO35W
Core i7- 13700KF3.4GHz30MB16/24Intel 7BO125W
Core i7-13700K3.4GHz30MB16/24Intel 7BO125W
Core i7-13700F2.10GHz30MB16/24Intel 7BO65W
Core i7-137002.10GHz30MB16/24Intel 7BO65W
Core i7-13700T1.40GHz30MB16/24Intel 7BO35W
Core i5- 13600KF3.50GHz24MB14/20Intel 7BO125W
Core i5-13600K3.50GHz24MB14/20Intel 7BO125W
Core i5-136002.70GHz24MB14/20Intel 7C065W
Core i5-13600T1.80GHz24MB14/20Intel 7C035W
Core i5-135002.50GHz24MB14/20Intel 7C065W
Core i5- 13500T1.60GHz24MB14/20Intel 7C035W
Core i5-13400F2.50GHz20MB10/16Intel 7BO / CO65W
Core i5-134002.50GHz20MB10/16Intel 7BO / CO65W
Core i5- 13400T1.30GHz20MB10/16Intel 7C035W
Core i3-13100F3.40GHz12MB4/8Intel 7HO58W
Core i3-131003.40GHz12MB4/8Intel 7HO60W
Core i3-13100T2.50GHz12MB4/8Intel7HO35W

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