Meet Intel’s i3-13100, The Fastest Quad-Core CPU In The World

Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs will hit the shelves by the 20th of October. Initially, we will only see the i9-13900K, the i7-13700K and the i5-13600K. Read more about them here. Raptor Lake will combat AMD’s new Zen4 lineup. Today, we have spotted the slowest and possibly the cheapest Raptor Lake CPU, the i3-13100

The i3-13100

Not all Raptor Lake CPUs are made the same. HXL on Twitter stated a while back that all SKUs apart from the i9-K/KF, i7 K/KF and i5 K/KF will make use of the Alder Lake die.

Moving on to the topic, the i3-13100 has been spotted by TUM_APISAK on Twitter in CPU-Z. No actual benchmarks are present as of now. The 13100 ships with 4 cores/ 8 threads akin to the i3-12100 and the i3-10100. Maybe with the i3-14100, we will see a core count increase (6 cores / 12 threads). The CPU is clocked at 3.4GHz, which is similar to the leaked base frequency. 

i3-13100 in CPU-Z | CPU-Z

The total L2 cache stands at 5MB which is similar to its last-gen counterpart. For those curious, this CPU was paired with the GIGABYTE B660 GAMING X board and 32GB of DDR5 memory. 

The Ace in the Hole

Initial testing results show that, in the higher end CPU market, the 7950X is neck-to-neck and sometimes even faster than the 13900K. However, the budget CPUs are a major threat to AMD’s market share in the sub $500 category.

Now, talking about the i3-13100, this CPU will surely stir up the competition. Last generation, AMD had no answer to the i3-12100. This time, we’re looking at another 4 core / 8 thread treatment but that generational leap may just be the boost we need. 

In the i5 family (non K), we see that Intel has many budget options (4 to be exact). The lowest end i5 (13400) features 10 cores and has performance on par with the i5-12600K (As per a few claims). Remember, this is the successor to the i5-12400. Can AMD answer? Only time will tell. 


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