These Radeon RX 7700/7800 GPUs Can Hypnotize You

The Chinese AIB Vastarmor has unveiled its Radeon RX 7800 XT and Radeon RX 7700 XT series of GPUs. Both cards pack a really aesthetic look, with an almost-hypnotic fan design. The external design is similar across both GPUs with the only difference being the actual chip inside.

Vastarmor Unveils RX 7700 / RX 7800 GPUs

The two models are almost identical from the outside. The RX 7700 XT comes under the ‘Alloy‘ series, with the ‘Alloy Pro‘ moniker reserved for the RX 7800 XT. Vastarmor opted for a triple-fan, 2.5-slot design, making these GPUs compatible across various cases.

Regarding physical dimensions, both models are 32.8cm in length, 13.2cm in width and 5.3cm in height. Judging from the media images, the Alloy series has a dark overall look with vibrant reds at the edges. The design looks familiar to AMD’s Reference Models, and shows a close resemblance to PowerColor’s Red Devil lineup.

The GPUs are secured by a red-white-and black-themed backplate with the company’s logo and name imprinted. The cooling design is modest, with a decently-sized radiator to quickly dissipate heat from the GPU. Power is supplied by 2x 8-pin connectors, which amounts to 375W of power (theoretically). As per AMD’s standards, the GPUs are equipped with DisplayPort 2.1 in addition to HDMI 2.1 ports.

Aside from the design, both cards clock roughly 5% higher than AMD’s specifications. The RX 7700 XT has a base/game/boost clock of 1784/2276/2600MHz respectively. Whereas, the RX 7800 XT has a base/game/boost clock of 1624/2254/2565MHz respectively.

A Hypnotic Twist

Vastarmor’s Alloy series is distinctive from other brands when you actually power on the GPU, or rather when the fans kick in. The company has introduced LEDs into the fans themselves, and as they spin, they produce an almost hypnotizing look. We can define the design akin to hypnotic symbols, where colors/lines spiral outwards. This will be more apparent when one views the GPU in real-time.

The Alloy series from Vastarmor is currently only available in China. Both GPUs are priced higher than AMD’s defined MSRP with the RX 7700 XT coming in at 3999 RMB ($550) and the RX 7800 XT priced at 4499 RMB ($600).

Source: Vastarmor, Videocardz


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