HyperX Monitors On the Cards? As HP Acquires the Brand for a Big Sum

The gaming peripheral market is very lucrative but its tough to create a brand that is respected by both enthusiasts and mainstream buyers. One such brand that comes to mind is HyperX, the brand is well known for its value for money products that deliver both on quality and performance. HyperX is specially well known for its Cloud headphone series but the company has also delivered on other peripherals too like mouse and keyboards. HP now has made a move for the brand buying it from Kingston for $425 million. Although Kingston will still operate the DRAM, flash and SSD segment.

Doesn’t HP have Omen?

Yes! HP has its own gaming brand Omen and they use it for their mid-level offerings and a lot of laptops and peripherals are sold under that name. HP has basically distributed the branding in three tiers where entry level gaming products are sold under the original branding, the mid-tier products are branded under Omen and the premium products are sold under Alienware.

Omen being the more mass market gaming offering is very important for HP because that is where the volume is, but it seems the brand is not performing to HP’s expectations and so buying a new brand that is already well established makes sense.

The press release further notes “HP has built a large and growing global gaming portfolio in recent years, led by its OMEN brand and a world-class ecosystem of hardware, software, content, and services. The company continues to push progression in gaming with powerful devices like the OMEN 15 gaming laptop and the HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptop. Beyond devices, HP is driving software innovation with OMEN Gaming Hub, a destination for players to connect, customize, and explore their gear and games. Adding HyperX to HP’s broader gaming ecosystem will deliver innovative new experiences across everything gamers see, hear, and touch.”

This is no way indicates the Omen brand will be phased out but HyperX will probably form the core of HP’s gaming peripheral offerings going further. If the Omen brand is phased out completely, we will see HyperX branded laptops at some point but HP’s plans with the brand aren’t clear at this point.

Another important titbit from the press release “Adding HyperX to HP’s broader gaming ecosystem will deliver innovative new experiences across everything gamers see, hear, and touch.” This clearly indicates HyperX branded monitors are on the cards and that makes sense because that is where Omen has struggled a lot with very lackluster offerings.

Fans of the brand might have a lot to look forward to in 2021.


Indranil Chowdhury

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