Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Update Brings Major Performance Improvements

After almost a year of sluggish performance and user complaints, Hunt: Showdown is finally getting the optimizations it so desperately needed. The upcoming patch 4.2 brings loads of major performance improvements, allowing the game to run much better on lower-end hardware. Alongside the update, the developers shared a video detailing and giving their insight on some of the changes.

Hunt: Showdown

When it launched almost a year ago, Hunt: Showdown was criticized for its optimization, or lack thereof. Despite regular performance updates, the game was still stuttering and freezing on the strongest of rigs. With update 4.2, the developers have gone all out on improving performance.

According to the developers, the main culprits for the bad performance were improper CPU threading and abnormally high memory usage. The ‘stalls’ and FPS drops reported by players, mainly those on low-end hardware, should now see major improvements. The developers estimate that the new changes bring about a 15% reduction in memory usage. The improvements will be most significant for those playing on machines with around 8 GB of RAM.

“We’ve always said that it’s better for a game to have a smooth 30 than to have a spiky 60 when it comes to performance,” says Level Design Director Chris Auty. Ideally, this is not something you’d want to hear from a game developer, but considering Hunt: Showdown’s history, it’s actually a good sign.

Furthermore, Hunt: Showdown’s release build was reportedly executing an unnecessary process during runtime. The new update disables this process, a change which,¬†according to the developers, will “benefit literally every player”.

In terms of performance optimizations, Hunt: Showdown still has a long way to go. As the developers continue to work on future updates, they have listed some tips to reduce Hunt’s resource requirements and improve overall performance. Lowering the resolution scaling is one way to reduce GPU load while maintaining most of your visual quality. Additionally, playing Hunt: Showdown in exclusive fullscreen gives the game access to more resources, in turn greatly improving FPS.

The rest of update 4.2 makes a handful of changes to gunplay. For the next major patch, the developers will focus on bringing GPU optimizations.

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