Hunt: Showdown update 2.1 adds spectator mode and new weapons

The latest content update for Hunt: Showdown, a competitive first-person player vs player game by Crytek, is now available. Update 2.1 for the bounty hunting game was released on 16th July and brought with it a long awaited spectator mode. Apart from new equipment, the update contains a large number of bug fixes, UI and gunplay changes.

Spectator Mode

For a game that focused a lot on player vs player combat, even more so with teammates, a spectator mode was something that fans had been longing for. Now after you are dead or incapacitated in a match, you will be able to spectate the action through the eyes of your partner, if they are alive. While you are spectating, a message on your HUD will indicate while your body is burning.

New Equipment

With this update, the developers wanted to bring more options for stealthy gameplay. There are three new crossbows, silenced weapons, a shotgun and bladed weapons.

  • The Crossbow is a large weapon that is capable of eliminating with a single well aimed bolt.
  • The Hand Crossbow is a medium weapon that is basically identical to the regular Crossbow, but fits into the sidearm slot.
  • The Poison Hand Crossbow fires poison-tipped bolts that distort the view of hunters and are very effective against monsters.
  • The Sparks LRR Silencer features an integrated silencer but is hard to aim because of its stronger weapon sway.
  • The Winfield M1873 C Silencer comes with more ammo than the Sparks LRR Silencer, but does reduced damage.
  • The Specter 1882 Bayonet is a variant of the pump-action shotgun that is equipped with a bayonet.
  • Throwing Knives come in a pack of six and can retrieved after thrown.
  • The Combat Axe is a cheap melee weapon that occupies the medium slot.
  • Similar to Vitality Shot, the Weak Vitality Shot heals 50 health and costs $15. The price of the regular Vitality Shot has been increased to $75.

Two new traits have been added that complement crossbows. The trait Bolt Seer and Bolt Thrower cost 2 and 5 upgrade points respectively.

In terms of gameplay, Hunters received a few balance changes allowing them to sprint longer distances but lowering the Dark Boost duration to 10 seconds. All recruits are now equipped with a Weak Vitality Shot instead of the regular one.

Apart from a few UI changes, performance improvements and tweaks to gunplay, the patch notes contains a long list of bug fixes. Read the full list which covers all the changes and additions in detail over here.


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Hunt: Showdown update 2.1 adds spectator mode and new weapons

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