Huge State of Decay 2 patch brings major performance and network improvements

State of Decay 2, the second game in the zombie survival series by Undead Labs, just received a massive update. Approximately 20 GB in size, Patch 1.2 introduces a significant number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The developers made a post today and gave a brief summary of the patch. They claim that the update will not affect pre-existing saved games, and will be downloaded automatically upon logging in. The main focus of the patch is stability, performance and network improvements. The patch also includes a few quality of life fixes here and there.

Studio Head of Undead Labs, Jeff Strain stated, “This patch today is just the beginning — we have big plans for State of Decay 2, and we’re humbled and appreciative to you for giving us the opportunity to make those big plans happen.”


Essentially, patch 1.2 has significantly increased stability, network interactions of vehicles and clients and completely eliminated the ‘Out of Memory’ crashes. Several gameplay related bugs such as buggy doors, invisible loot, weapon swapping and flashlight shadows have been fixed. The bugs that prevented players from starting the Sheriff legacy arc and completing the Warlord Legacy Arc have been fixed.

The annoying disappearing HUD glitch has also been fixed.


The other part of the update focussed on the several networking issues that players faced in multiplayer. Lots of CPU and bandwidth optimizations should reduce rubber-banding and flying cars. Loss of internet connection will return clients to the main menu instead of their game freezing.


Players and vehicles will not get stuck as the collision spots across the maps have been fixed. Alongside LOD and lighting tuning, the white line that appears while driving at night has been eliminated.

There are a few other small bug fixes which you can read about in detail via the patch notes on the State of Decay website.

Farhan Ali
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