Huawei’s Preceding Vision Pro Patent Could Force Apple to Rethink Name

Earlier this month, Apple introduced its revolutionary spatial computer, which has made many of us incredibly excited about its future. However, recent reports have highlighted a patent conflict, revealing that Huawei had already obtained the ‘Vision Pro’ trademark in China back in 2019.

Huawei’s Vision Pro Patent | mydrivers

On May 16th, 2019, Huawei was granted trademark approval for their “Vision Pro” product in China. This gave them sole rights to use the trademark from November 28, 2021 to November 27, 2031 under trademark registration identity number 38242888. However, it’s worth noting that Huawei’s Vision Pro trademark covers a wide variety of products, not just VR headsets.

This raises a lot of questions for both sides on the spectrum. As for Apple, we know that they’ve been working on this project for so long, and if it’s true that Huawei had patented the name in 2019, did Apple stretch it this long to figure out a name for the headset. And, if they did, were they unaware about the patent, or simply didn’t care?

As for Huawei, this is around the same time they launched the Huawei VR Glass, and so, does this have anything to do with the name. Well, technically no. Huawei’s “Vision” lineup consists of smart glasses, and televisions, as of now, and the name is patented for a number of diverse products ranging from TVs, to things like phone cases, and digital door locks.

The Vision S TV | Huawei

A lot of people might wonder if it was done on purpose, but with Apple’s strict NDAs, it would be nothing less than a miracle if Huawei had found out about Apple’s Vision Pro in 2019.

This may not be so big of a problem for Apple, as the Vision Pro is currently only scheduled to launch in the US. This patent would only interfere if Apple is planning on launching it in China, but still, it’s not like they’ll be completely bound to change the name. If possible, both the companies can also negotiate a deal, and Apple will also have the opportunity to buy the patent completely.

Still, from Huawei’s perspective, they could effectively sue Apple, as even if the title, “Apple” is attached with the Vision Pro, it doesn’t give the company the right to sell it under someone else’s patent.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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