Huawei Unwraps its Kunpeng 920 Chipset for Servers As Chinese Companies Become More Self Reliant After Trade War Woes

The new chipset will go into the TaiShan servers that Huawei launched today

Huawei, slowly and gradually is making a move into the server industry. The unveiling of its new chipset, Kunpeng 920, proves just that. The next-generation chipset for servers is designed to compete against likes of AMD and NVIDIA. The Chinese firm has already said that its Kunpeng 920 consumes less power and performs better than competing products.

The new chip will power the TaiShan server of the company, which was also announced on Monday. The 7-nanometer chip is designed to be powerful and efficient . This is not the first 7-nanometer chip that Huawei has produced. Previously the company manufactured its Kirin 980 chip to power its mobile phones. Another 7-nanometer chip produced by Huawei is the Ascend 910 that runs AI apps in the cloud.

The Kunpeng 920 contains 64 cores and has 8-channel DDR4 results. The chip will be beneficial for big data where the Kunpeng will power some big servers in the future. The chip itself will provide 30% more power efficiency when compared to competing products (according to their claims). The Kunpeng 920 aims to boost performance in terms of big data workloads, distributed storage, and floating-point calculations.

Huawei has witnessed a troubled 2-3 months where the company’s CFO was arrested in Canada. The United States has continued to pile pressure on the company and accused Huawei of spying. The Chinese firm, on the other hand, said that they will continue to win customers by providing good-quality products to its customers.

Huawei Moving into Server Industry?

Huawei has developed its name in the mobile phone industry and earns the majority of its revenue from telecom products. However, the firm is looking for more avenues of business growth and cloud computing looks to be the answer. It has pushed its in-house designed chips in its smartphone and now it will do the same with servers.

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Huawei Unwraps its Kunpeng 920 Chipset for Servers As Chinese Companies Become More Self Reliant After Trade War Woes

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