Huawei ‘Nova’ Sub-Brand To Break Away And Will Feature Mid-Range Smart Wearables, Smartphones To Compete With Xiaomi Redmi And Oppo’s Redmi?

Huawei has sold several smartphones under the sub-brand ‘Nova’ in several emerging markets. It appears that the Chinese smartphone and wireless networking giant could separate out the Nova sub-brand and allow it to grow independently. Huawei’s primary intention behind disassociation with the Nova sub-brand could be to offer attractively priced devices without impacting its ‘elite’ status.

Huawei has been making some high-end smartphones with premium price tags, including the Huawei Mate 30 Series, the P30 Series, and the upcoming foldable Mate X. However, one of the biggest and most consistent smartphone markets has always been the mid-range and affordable brackets. Hence Huawei also has a few sub-brands, namely Huawei Honor and Huawei Nova. Incidentally, Huawei has always kept a marginal distance between these sub-brands most probably to protect its own main brand image. The company now appears to make the differentiation more pronounced with the Huawei Nova sub-brand. Interestingly, Huawei might just do the same with the Honor sub-brand as well.

Huawei To Separate Nova, And Latter To Sell Mid-Range Smartphones, Smartwatches, Headphones and More?

Huawei has been selling a few attractively priced smartphones under the Nova sub-brand. The Nova sub-brand has been carefully segmented into the highly lucrative but intensely competitive market of aggressively priced smartphones. Huawei Nova has traditionally competed against sub-brands like Xiaomi Redmi, Oppo Realme, and several others. Now Huawei appears to be planning to officially allow the Nova brand to go out on its own. Moreover, in addition to smartphones, the Nova sub-brand could also include several other smart electronics.

According to reports, the Huawei Nova sub-brand would include smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, and other electronics. In other words, in addition to the smartphone models already available, smartwatches and wireless headphones could be announced under the “Nova” brand. The initial launch of products under the Nova sub-brand would most likely take place in China. However, it is quite likely that Huawei could be judging the response, and may expand the Nova sub-brand in other regions. One thing is quite certain though. The Nova sub-brand will cater to the price-conscious buyer. Most products under the Nova brand will be priced in the mid-range bracket.

Huawei To Have Three Official Brands In the Future?

With the official separation of the Nova sub-brand, Huawei will officially have three individual brands and identities. The main Huawei brand, the Honor, and the Nova sub-brands. With different brands, and different pricing strategies, Huawei has the opportunity to address multiple target groups in a structured manner.

In the future, only premium smartphones with high-end specifications, and a matching price, will be sold under the principal Huawei brand. The Honor sub-brand will continue to offer products suitable for the entry-level. However, the soon-to-be-introduced Nova sub-brand will most likely sit between the top-end Huawei and the budget-conscious Honor sub-brand. Simply put, Huawei is trying to cover the rather wide gap between the two brands, with the Nova sub-brand.

The Nova sub-brand should allow Huawei to better compete with the Xiaomi Redmi and Oppo Realme sub-brands. Incidentally, these sub-brands too were created to cater to different markets. With the Nova sub-brand, smartphones and electronics introduced would not impact the reputation of Huawei as a high-end manufacturer.

Huawei hasn’t officially announced the move to separate out the Nova sub-brand. The news is based on rumors and reports appearing on the Chinese Social media websites. However, Huawei is clearly trying to venture into the rapidly emerging wearables market, and introducing them under the Nova sub-brand could be an ideal strategy.

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Huawei ‘Nova’ Sub-Brand To Break Away And Will Feature Mid-Range Smart Wearables, Smartphones To Compete With Xiaomi Redmi And Oppo’s Redmi?

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