Huawei to Launch Next Generation of the GT Smartwatch: The Huawei GT 2e

In the smartwatch game, we know the main competitors: Apple and Samsung. While that is from the market we know, Huawei does a great job with its products as well. The Huawei GT is a great smartwatch, both build-wise and in the hood. The recent one was the Huawei GT 2. The watch proved to be quite the product, especially in the European nations and Asia of course. The price point helps it sell quite well. Unlike the Apple Watch, it does look like an Apple Watch.

Now, according to an article from WinFuture, the German tech reporting page, the company will be announcing its upcoming flagship, P40, soon. The report notes that the latest version of the Huawei GT would couple with it. The latest version of the Watch would be called the Huawei GT 2e.

The Huawei GT 2e

According to the article, the device looks and feels quite similar to its previous renditions. The post suggests that it would support the same display. The best part about it: it would be lasting about 14 days of usage.

For the rest of the specs, the device would feature pretty similar specs, as per speculations. These would be a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454. For the internal processor, Huawei is using the HiSilicon Hi1132 chip, coupled with a 455 mAh battery. It would follow the same design philosophy as before which is geared more towards male users because of its size.

As for the colors, the article adds that there would be three major colors to look out for. These would be Mint GreenVolcano Red, and Graphite Black. The detailed specs, that are speculated, of course, are listed below:

Specs for GT 2e- WinFuture
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Huawei to Launch Next Generation of the GT Smartwatch: The Huawei GT 2e

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