Huawei Mate X Makes an Appearance on TENAA, Release Inching closer

Back at MWC 2019, the Chinese giant Huawei unveiled the innovative foldable smartphone under Mate branding. Despite the fact Huawei promised to release Mate X in June, the device is yet to hit the stores. From the look of the things, the company is gearing to release Mate X. At least for the local Chinese market. Today a new Huawei phone bearing model number TAH-AN00 appeared on the TENAA certification.

The TENAA listing gives a pretty good idea regarding what to expect from the Huawei’s most anticipated foldable flagship phone. The listing lacks Mate X images, However, it spills bean regarding the specs sheet.

TENAA Listing

As expected the Mate X is featuring an OLED display of 8-inches. The gigantic display screen resolution is 2480 x 2200 pixels. The display pixels density is 414 pixels-per-inch. Just for the sake of reminder the Mate 20 Pro OLED display pixels density is 538 pixels-per-inch whereas the latest P30 Pro display pixels density is 398 PPI. The Mate X display pixels density is almost the same as most of the premium phones. The Mate X direct competitor Galaxy Fold lags behind in this aspect with a pixels density of 362 pixels-per-inch.

Under the hood, a 4,400mAh battery cell is on board to keep its lights on. The battery cell is slightly smaller than earlier announced at the launch event. The Mate X was initially expected with 4,500mAh battery cell. Most likely the reason behind this change is final changes to the Mate X before releasing. That is why the Mate X release is been delayed a couple of times. The Mate X unfolded dimensions are 161.3mm x 146.2mm x 11mm and weigh 287g.

Huawei Mate X

Back at the launch event, the company revealed the 5G model of Mate X. The listing also confirms arrival of the 5G variant. The Mate X will be available in three configurations. The base model has 6GB RAM with 128GB storage. The standard model has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. The top of the line variant has 12GB RAM and 512GB storage. Fortunately, it also supports memory expansion via NanoSD.

Huawei confirmed the Mate X base model will be available at €2,299 in Europe. Considering there will be a 12GB RAM model of Mate X as well, it costs a hefty amount. The 5G variant will be even more expensive. Recently we heard rumors of Mate X’s release in September for the Russian market. However, the TENAA listing is a clear indication that the launch in China is inching closer.

In the end, we would like to hear our readers thoughts regarding the Mate X TENAA listing. Feel free to share your thoughts with fellow readers in the comments section below. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

Fahad Mushtaq
Fahad Mushtaq is an avid Android developer with over 5 years experience working on Google Cloud AI and Tensor flow in conjunction with BPM line of products.