Huawei Considers Display Hole Instead Of Notch For Its Upcoming Smartphone

Huawei is conceptualizing a prototype for a new smartphone and they’re doing away with the notched display in favor of a hole in your screen. The notch display trend became prominent with the Essential Phone PH-1 which was released on the 30th of May, 2017. The idea behind the notch was to maximize the screen to size ratio and put in as little bezel space as required to merely frame the device. As many in house components have needed to fit in through the front of a device’s body, the notch provided a space for the utmost essential such features to shine though without blocking out the rest of the header of the phone. At first, the concept was perceived with stark criticism as users were appalled by the bezel dip into the screen. However, with regular use, users have completely overlooked the unnatural design of the notch and are mesmerized by the greater screen base available for display.

With Huawei working on developing a new smartphone with a 6 inch LCD display and an on screen fingerprint sensor (which is still being drawn up on paper at this stage), the company is considering doing away with the notch in favor of a hole in your screen. The hole is supposed to house the front camera and the overall look is expected to come across as the Essential Phone PH-1’s camera notch, except that the top most camera housing area will indeed be a cutout that is not fixated by an all covering front screen extended from the display. Ambient light and proximity sensors will be placed inside the minimized bezel above the camera hole cutout. Since this hole is much smaller than the typical one in the market these days, seen on devices such as the Apple iPhone X, the display will make for greater upper area to program the header notifications on either side of the front camera cutout. Just as users were initially uncomfortable with the notch display, this takes it a step farther but as the cutout is smaller, it comes across as less prominent on the screen, making it more likely to be an aesthetic feature as opposed to a criticized one. The design is still on paper and may be done away with entirely, but as it stands, this is the current development for Huawei’s upcoming smartphone and it’s all we’re at the liberty of knowing so far.

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Huawei Considers Display Hole Instead Of Notch For Its Upcoming Smartphone

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