Huawei and Leica To Bring 40MP AI DSLR Standard Camera Into The Smartphone

Ever since the rapid spread of the hand wielded smartphone, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the only camera that matters is the one that is in your hand. As the tech industry moves further in the direction of compact and portable devices, the smartphone has emerged as the millennial’s best friend in capturing the day to day moments that make for the most cherishable and candid memories. Anything from a selfie at a party or imaging a document at work, the handheld camera is the most utilized camera today serving a purpose that was once for the big bulky multi lens cameras back in the day. For those of us who prefer the traditional means of photography and bicker about the quality of phone generated photos, Huawei and Leica have partnered to bring us a camera that compacts the quality of a high end DSLR into the size of a 6.1 inch, 7.65mm thin, 174 g smartphone device.

The German camera and peripherals manufacturer saw the development of lenses and optical devices in the mid 1800s and the subsequent development of its first camera prototypes in the very early 1900s, the year 1913 to be exact according to Leica’s own timeline of events. At that time, Leica found itself competing with rival Contax cameras for the title of the finest filmography and photography technology in the world. As World War II rolled around and came to an end, Leica faced a great amount of competition from other camera manufacturers across the globe that found ways to spread their technology around the world by means of globalization. Leica stuck to its guns and continued to produce the most high-end camera technology that became affordable only for professionals and not the common man. This affected the company’s business as people started to switch to cheaper make-do products but this did not deter Leica or push them to compromise on their product’s quality.

One Of Leica’s Earliest Designs In The First Decade Of The 1900s. Leica Rumors

Having withered away from the mainstream market and being a product of famous street photographers, Leica has emerged in the last decade and a half forming partnerships with renowned tech giants such as Panasonic for developing digital camera technologies, Valbray on Leica’s 100th anniversary for developing chronograph wristwatches, and since 2016, the Chinese mobile giant, Huawei, for creating camera technologies for their smartphones. Leica debuted its work with Huawei’s P9 and has now co-developed perhaps the best camera phone in the market right now: the P20 Professional.

Huawei P20 Plus Smartphone. 3ex

The P20 and P20 Plus boast 5.8 inch LCD and 6.1 inch OLED displays, respectively. The former hosts 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and a 3400 mAH battery while the latter carries 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and a 4000 mAH batter. Both devices have fingerprint security technology and Android Oreo OS which will work hand in hand with Huawei’s own EMUI interface. While that’s all fine and lovely analyzing the device from a smartphone aspect, it’s real selling point is its Camera and the one we’re most excited about is the P20 Plus. The Huawei P20 has two Leica cameras on the rear of 12 MP RGB and 20 MP monochrome, respectively. The front camera gives 24 MP quality for the most stunning selfies. The real kicker of the release are the THREE rear Leica cameras in the Huawei P20 Plus, hosting a panel of one 40 MP RGB, one 20 MP monochrome, and one 8 MP 3x optical zoom cameras. The 40MP camera incorporates Pixel Fusion to produce the best lowlight photos and Huawei’s integrated AI makes for the smartest captures on the device. The optical zoom lens allows for clearer photos even when taken from far away.

Users have raved about the iPhone’s camera since the early days of this century, claiming that it produces the clearest and best captures despite only having a 12 MP rear camera in its latest iPhone X. Ever since the S7, Samsung stole over the title of capturing the best photographs with its smart camera technology. Since then, S9 has continued to boast a better camera package than many phones in the market but the Huawei P20 Plus has set itself to undermine Samsung in the smartphone camera technology market.

The Huawei P20 Plus is a massive success for Huawei and Leica alike, bringing Leica’s rich tradition and century of experience in photography technologies to the store front for the common man in the most portable and convenient way possible. It pays to stay true to your heritage and wait for the right time to bring yourself forward with integrity and that’s exactly what Leica has done with pride. So goes for the truth universally acknowledged, Leica has given us a reason to be satisfied with the camera that we carry around and that’s through its partnership with Huawei in the P20 series.

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Huawei and Leica To Bring 40MP AI DSLR Standard Camera Into The Smartphone

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