HTC Wildfire R Series Gets BIS Certification In India, Could Launch Under LAVA Sub-Brand

HTC appears to be getting ready to launch some interesting smartphones in the Indian sub-continent. The HTC mobile phones, which are as yet unannounced, recently secured the mandatory BIS certification, which strongly indicates the final specifications and features of the new HTC smartphones are ready for commercial launch.

The Indian smartphone market, currently dominated by companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Samsung, has been intensely competitive in nearly every segment. Despite quality hardware, HTC hasn’t been able to establish a firm presence. Now the company appears to be attempting a reentry within the smartphone segment, and based on the information that has appeared online, HTC could be targeting the budget or perhaps even affordable smartphone segment.

HTC Wildfire R Series Secures BIS Certification Through LAVA Brand:

The BIS certification has been secured by HTC Wildfire X Series smartphones. Specifically, the Wildfire R Series devices, which include the HTC Wildfire R50, R60, and R70 have obtained the BIS Certification. The leak indicates it was HTC that has received the certification for its devices. However, the company engaged in securing the certification is LAVA International Ltd.

The BIS Certification, listed as ‘Operative’, indicates the devices have an ongoing valid operational permit. This means HTC can launch the devices without facing any legal hurdle about technical specifications. The Product Name or broad category mentioned is ‘Mobile Phone’. Strangely, the validity of the BIS Certification for the HTC mobile phones is only until June 13, 2021. In other words, the BIS agency has granted only a two-year certificate. According to the leak, HTC had secured the certification on June 14, 2019.

It is interesting to note that it was LAVA International Ltd. which acted as the intermediary to the HTC Wildfire R Series mobile phone certification. A few months ago, HTC had revived its Wildfire line in India. Additionally, Thailand’s NBTC certified an HTC phone called the Wildfire R70. The certificate revealed the phone is manufactured in Taiwan by HTC but it also listed LAVA International (Thailand) Company Limited as the operator.

Previously, the Wildfire X smartphone that was sold briefly in India, wasn’t technically HTC’s phone. The brand name is actually licensed to InOne Smart Technology. The company owns the LAVA brand. Needless to add, the LAVA brand caters to the affordable and budget smartphone buyers. The devices, with entry-level specifications and features, are priced very aggressively.

The latest BIS certification for the HTC Wildfire R50, R60, and R70, through LAVA, indicates the company might be attempting to repeat the strategy of catering to the affordable or budget segment without associating itself with the devices.

HTC Wildfire R50, R60, and R70 Specifications, Features, Price and Availability:

The HTC Wildfire R50, R60, and R70 are mobile phones, according to the leak. Beyond this information, there’s nothing much to ascertain the actual specifications and features. Still, given the fact that LAVA international is involved, the HTC Wildfire R Series mobile phones could be aimed at the budget segment, and have rather humble specifications.

The HTC Wildfire X that launched in India, had the Helio P22 chipset and sported triple rear camera setup. Needless to add, the chipset, made by MediaTek, is meant for basic smartphone operations, and cannot support high-end features. Nonetheless, the SoC allows aggressive pricing with attractive features like 4GB RAM, triple cameras, Face Unlock, etc.

Based on the certification date and validity, it appears highly unlikely that HTC Wildfire R Series could launch anytime soon. However, it is still possible the company may extend the validity of the certification, and attempt to launch the mobile phones in association with the LAVA brand.

Alap Naik Desai
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