HP OMEN Next-Gen Laptops Listed With Raptor Lake HX CPUs and Ada Lovelace GPUs

Hardware leaker momomo_us has shared an image of a few listings from a Romanian website. The listings feature various next-gen laptops from the HP OMEN lineup packed with unreleased tech from both Intel and NVIDIA.

Next-Gen HP OMEN

The HP OMEN series includes laptops and desktops, though today’s leak focuses on the former. On an unnamed website, 6 different laptops are listed with no expected release date or pictures. One thing is common between them and that is the Intel i7-13700HX which is a part of Intel’s Raptor Lake (13th Gen) HX lineup. Currently, this particular CPU has only been spotted in Geekbench with no comparable results. 

A point of concern is that these CPUs will almost always launch much later than their H/HK counterparts. Therefore, we cannot say much about the actual release date of these laptops. Either way, this makes these findings a major leak because we possibly will not see these laptops in action for many months.

HP OMEN Next-Gen Listings | momomo_us

Moving over to the GPU side of things, a total of 4 different Ada mobile GPUs have been listed namely;

  1. RTX 4090 16GB
  2. RTX 4080 12GB
  3. RTX 4070 8GB
  4. RTX 4060 8GB

This leak has confirmed the initial rumors of a possible RTX 4090 mobile variant. Additionally, the RTX 4070 and the RTX 4060, both ship with 8GB of memory. The desktop RTX 4070 may have 12GB of G6X memory as we reported previously

The last listed laptop features a massive 32GB of RAM along with the RTX 4090. What’s interesting is that this is not the highest-end variant because we still have the Intel i9-13900HX. One can only imagine the power consumption of this unit.

Release Date

NVIDIA could announce the Ada Lovelace mobile GPUs at CES 2023. As for Intel, we are expected to see at least the H/HK 13th-generation CPUs. However, the HX lineup will most probably not be announced at CES. This means that the next-gen HP OMEN gaming laptops may arrive sometime in Q2 2023.


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