HP Envy 5660 Wireless All-in-One Printer Review

Hewlett-Packard endeavors to win clients regard and loyalty by reliably giving the most noteworthy quality and value. HP is one of the believed brands and its logo meets the eye at whatever point we go to purchase gadgets. Who needs to get into the hustle and bustle of print shops, pushing the other individual and so forth? Getting a printer is a need nowadays, it won’t be an abuse of your money rather it will profit you, whether you are 18 years old of age student going to a college or 35 years old going to office who needs snappy prints. So why not get a printer that stays with you like your own special best friend and with that looks a la mode on the work area. A double treat!

HP Envy 5660

The Best AIO Photo Printer


  • Connect wirelessly
  • 24/7 Web support
  • Amazing print speed


  • No USB cable
  • No fax

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Print resolution: 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi (monocolored) and 4800x1200 (tri-colored) | Scanning resolution: 1200x1200 dpi | Copy resolution: 600x600 dpi | Cartridge type: HP 62 | Input tray: 125 | Output tray: 25

VERDICT:An all in one multi-functional printer, scanner and copier- the Envy 5660 does it all. However there are some problems associated with it, such as the print quality is not professional, but its wifi connection and easy set-up, along with its admirable print speed, makes it worth considering

HP Envy 5660 footprint

HP concentrated on improving our lives by presenting numerous printers however this one my friends is directed fundamentally for home use, the HP Envy 5660 e-All-in-One printer goes a step further past the essentials, including highlights that center mobile printing and the Web connection to the more typical capacities for an inkjet multifunction printer (MFP). The Envy 5660 $140.99 at Amazon can print through the cloud, can connect directly to and print from cell phones and tablets, and print content from different sites without requiring a PC. It’s moderate, and its yield quality is a touch less than impressive in general, however, if the quality is adequate for your needs, and you need its Web-related features and mobile printing features, it merits considering.
Is it the home printer that we need or its just one of those printers that are only hyped about? Let’s find it out.

Design and Build quality

HP Envy 5660 front view

In the course of the most recent couple of years printer manufacturer have embraced sleek modern designs for their printers and gradually moved far from the boring white boxes of the past, the Envy 5660 pursues an advanced plan that can without much of a stretch mix into the home condition, Discussing what it shape looks like, HP Envy 5660 to the front has a slightly tapering shape and have round contours, it has all matte dark exterior with minimal controls and buttons, there is just a power button on the left of the front face and a blue wireless pointer light underneath it. All controls are taken care of by the touch screen and the delicate keys beside it. The touch key is responsive. This printer has a height of 6.34 inches, a width of 17.87 inches, depth of this printer is 16.14 inches. Generally, Envy 5660 has an inviting and friendly appearance that mixes well into the home environment. It is built very well like every other HP printer, its plastic is of good quality and regards the touch. Touch screen panels are all over the place, from your mobile to workstations to kitchen apparatuses, clothes washers… they’re definitely all over the place and HP in such manner didn’t stay back.
HP Envy 5660 has an inclined 2.65 inches color touchscreen display that is always visible and ready for you to use. Its touch screen display takes into account an effortless and easy operation. As the color touchscreen is marginally inclined and situated in the middle, one can operate it comfortably. A decent quality print is just a touch away. The scanner top has a delicate touch surface with a wonderful material appeal. You can connect directly to a PC with a USB cable(but you need to buy it), or to your network router wirelessly with WiFi
It has a limit of 225 sheets and can complete 50 duplicates maximum with a content speed of 14 ppm. The HP Envy 5660 has a capacity of up to 125 sheets in the input tray and up to 25 sheets in the output tray. This is something that pulls in a client to purchase a printer. The only drawback is that HP does not provide a USB cable considering how easy it is to set it up wirelessly but if you still feel like connecting the printer to a single computer using a USB cable, you need to buy one.

Set-up and installation

what’s in the box?

In setting up this excellence, the most important step that is normal for all printers is the equipment setup, right off the bat, guarantee that every one of the parts are available in the container, you need to remove all the packaging, taping and protective covering from the outside as well as from within the printer so you can begin to set up the physical parts of the printer. Now, associate the power chord into the wall socket and press the power button, after that you need to just pick your country, time, and locale, load the paper and present the cartridges, the printer will automatically begin the alignment process.
Next, is the wireless setup, you associate your printer to the Wi-Fi network without any physical connection. Last is the product setup and after that, your printer is set up to demonstrate its Magic!
Setting up Envy 5660 is a breeze, it is the least demanding setup, on cell phones set up requires downloading the HP all in one printer remote which aides you step by step to set up the printer, on PCs or Macs setup can be done by visiting 123.Hp.com


You can connect directly to a PC with a USB cable, or to your network router wirelessly with WiFi. The printer copiers, scan, and photo print mode are altogether controlled by the touch panel. The HP Envy 5660 has a colored print resolution of Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color and has a black print resolution of Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi.

When printing, the HP Envy 5660 has a printing speed of 9 hued pages for each minute and 14 mono-colored pages per minute. In the duplicate mode you can make up to 50 black or colored duplicates at any given moment, its replicating speed for color prints is up to 5 cpm and for black and white prints the duplicating rate is Up to 11 cpm, with a copying quality of 300×300 dpi for mono-colored pages and for tri-colored pages the copying quality is 600×600 dpi.

It additionally has an entire host of features like two-sided duplicates, ID card duplicates and resizing or improvement, you can resize pictures from 25 to 400% features that you commonly find on a full-size photocopier machine, Impressive!

Instant Ink keeps you stocked and with fresh new cartridges

Switching over to the scan mode, it is similarly amazing, you can scan to a PC, a memory card, or even email it, in addition to this by utilizing the A.I.O application you can scan and save the record to your cell phone. In scan to computer mode, you can choose to scan as a PDF or JPEG which is extremely useful. For scanning, the resolution of HP Envy 5660 is Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi It is amazingly well thought out and simple to utilize, a big thumbs up to HP for presenting such a flexible printer.

The paper tray holds 125 sheets and its output capacity is 25 sheets, it is a closed paper tray keeping the paper dust free when you are not printing, the SD card slot can likewise be utilized for printing pictures legitimately from a camera. In addition to the ordinary paper tray, envy 5660 even has an extra dedicated photograph paper tray that gives you a chance to print 4×6 inch photographs in splendid color. The printing speed is reasonably fast considering it is an inkjet printer. The printer utilizes standard 62 black and 62 tri-color cartridges, these cartridges are shockingly very well priced. Save half of your ink by HP instant ink requested by your printer and delivered to your doorstep. Paper size bolstered by this printer are Letter, legal, 4×6 in, 5×7 in, 8×10 in, No. 10 envelopes

HP Envy 5660’s rear ports

This printer even has an Eco-mode that turns the touch screen following two or three minutes of idleness making you save extra power. One of the downsides is that it doesn’t have a fax option however being a home friendly printer it is anything but a major ordeal.

Print Quality

The Envy 5660 printer has a total of 704 black nozzles and 608 colored nozzles for cyan, magenta and yellow. The HP Envy 5660 e-All-in-One printer utilizes which a standard black HP 62 cartridge prints 200 pages while a tri-color HP 62 cartridge prints 165 pages.

Impressive Print Quality

It can print on legal size paper as well as does photograph printing. The printing quality relies upon the paper which is utilized, aside from that, the printing quality is commendable, the hues are very precise and the printed picture is sensibly sharp and the print is totally borderless, extremely sufficient for home printing however not the best for Professional printing, the photograph print quality is additionally quite good for making snappy prints on 4×6 photograph.


I’ll rate it a solid 8.5/10. The HP envy is your ultimate home companion. It is very well designed and easy to use and produces extraordinary prints. No extra and annoying setup processes and printer works reliably each time no matter what device you print from. However, it does not have a Fax option which is sometimes extremely important for office use. Despite the fact that there are a few disadvantages that are looked by this printer, its advantages being more than its hindrances HP Envy 5660 is one hell of a printer and in my opinion, it can be considered investing into… Happy printing! With HP Envy 5660.

Price at the time of review: $140

HP Envy 5660 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Design - 7.5
Features - 7
Quality - 6.6
Performance - 6.3
Value - 8.2


User Rating: 4.2 ( 2 votes)
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