Here’s How You Can Visit All 7 Corrupted Areas in Fortnite

Season 6 of Fortnite battle royale is currently underway and the second week of challenges just went live. A total of 7 challenges have been added, with 4 of them exclusive for Battle Pass owners. The first challenge has players visit 7 ‘Corrupted Areas’ for a reward of 5 battle stars. As several players have reported, nearly all of the challenges are fairly easy, but the corrupted areas one can be a bit time-consuming because of the distance between each area.

Corrupted Areas

Displayed neatly in this map provided by CNET are all of the Corrupted Zones.

Fortnite Corrupted Zones
Corrupted Zones
  • South of Lazy Links.
  • South-west of Pleasant Park between the mountains.
  • Directly between Shifty Shafts and Greasy Grove.
  • North-west of Salty Springs, just south of the mountain.
  • South of Salty Springs, a short distance north-west out of Fatal Fields.
  • Slightly south of Retail Row.
  • In Wailing Woods, south-west of the cabin in the middle.

The 7 corrupted areas are fairly far from each other, but it is possible to visit them all in one game. While the challenge can be progressed throughout multiple games, following optimized routes and using vehicles can assist you in getting them done quickly. One the best ways to zoom around the map quickly is to use the new Shadow Stones. Another weekly challenge requires players to use a shadow stone in three different matches, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Another option is to play the Soaring 50s limited time mode. With the added ability of using gliders after the initial drop, players can quickly traverse the map quickly, hitting all the required Corrupted Areas with ease. Lastly, running around the map and using launch pads or vehicles is also a possibility. If this is too tedious, however, you can always visit each area in a different match. The challenge is available to complete till next week, so that’s plenty of time to get this and all the other challenges completed with ease.

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Here’s How You Can Visit All 7 Corrupted Areas in Fortnite

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