How To Use Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Note applications have made their importance in today’s world where everything is robust and time saving has become an ultimate goal for everybody. In the past, people used papers to note their important tasks but with the injection of technology (Smartphones, PCs), it has become much easier to accomplish.

In Windows 10, there is a tiny note taking application called Sticky Notes. So, I will be guiding you throughout the steps on how to use Sticky Notes in Windows 10.

This application was first made available in Windows Vista and it was worth using it. You would definitely consider its importance if you are a busy person and you have to take note of everything. It works like a piece of paper and you can have as many paper pieces you want on your screen. Although, this application doesn’t let you handle everything but, still, it is not ignorable at all.

How to use Sticky Notes in Windows 10:

Using the Sticky Notes application isn’t hard at all. Just follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be a pro.

Initializing the Sticky Notes Application:

You can launch the Sticky Notes application using the Cortana search field inside Windows 10. Just type “Sticky Notes” inside the search box and it would display the application at the top. You can click on the search result to open it up.

On the other hand, you can also locate this application inside Start Menu by navigation to All apps > Windows Accessories. There, you would find the application.

sticky notes windows 10-1

Creating the Notes in Sticky Notes Application:

Notes can be conveniently created using Sticky Notes application. The UI of this application is simplistic and you can start writing by clicking on the empty space with a slightly lighter background than the top most area.

sticky notes windows 10-2

Adding Multiple Notes to Desktop Screen with Sticky Notes Application:

As I mentioned earlier, it is quite easy to add as many notes you want on the screen. You can do this by clicking on the Plus sign (+) at the top left corner of the sticky note. You can also re-arrange any note by clicking and dragging the right mouse button at the top header area of the note.

sticky notes windows 10-3

Customizing the Notes in Sticky Notes Application:

You can also customize the color of a note. To change the color, right click on the body area (text area) of the desired note and select the color you want. As a result, the color of that particular note will be changed to the selected one.

You can resize the note by clicking and dragging the left mouse button at any of the four corners of a note.

sticky notes windows 10-4

Deleting the Notes in Sticky Notes Application:

You can also delete the note you want by pressing the cross icon at the top right side of the note.

sticky notes windows 10-5


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