How to Use Animoji on iPhone X

Nowadays everyone loves using emoji in their messages. Most of the time people talk through emoji rather than normal text messages. Apple now has a new feature known as Animoji through which users can send the Animated Emoji of their expression in messages. However, for the new users, this might be a little confusing to use. In this article, we will show you how to use Animoji in different ways.

How to use Animoji

How to Create and Send an Animoji on iPhone X

You can easily find the Animoji button when you are trying to type a new message. This is the new feature with a lot of fun when creating and sending to friends. Follow the below steps to create and send an Animoji to friends:

  1. Open Messages app on your iPhone and Create a new message. You can also go to an existing conversation to edit a message.
  2. Tap on the Apple icon between the message box and camera icon, and then tap on the Monkey icon.
    Editing a new message
  3. Choose an Animoji that you want to create, look into the Camera to position your face and tap on the Record button. You can tap again on the Record button to complete recording.
    Note: Recording limit is up to 30 seconds.

    Recording and sending Animoji
  4. Once you recorded the Animoji, tap on the Send button to send Animoji in a message.

How to Create an Animoji Sticker on iPhone X

You can also create an Animoji and set it as a sticker in your messages. You can put the sticker on any message bubble with any size and angle. You can do this by following the below steps:

  1. Open your Messages app and Edit an existing conversation.
  2. Tap on the Apple icon next to the camera icon and tap on the Monkey icon.
    Editing a new message
  3. Choose an Animoji that you want to create as a sticker, look into the Camera and make a facial expression. Now press and hold the Animoji, then move it over the message thread you want to put the sticker on.
    Adding Animoji sticker to messages

How to Use Animoji with FaceTime

FaceTime is the iPhone default video call application. You can also use the Animoji feature in FaceTime. During the FaceTime call, you can choose any Animoji and put it over your face. This is also a fun way to do FaceTime with friends and family.

  1. Open FaceTime app and make a call to someone.
  2. During the call tap the star icon and tap on the Animoji that you want to use.
    Note: If there is no star icon, tap on the box that contains your face and icons will appear at the bottom.

    Opening Animoji during FaceTime
  3. Now you can continue the call with using Animoji. You can select another Animoji by following the same method or remove it by clicking the cross icon.
    Using Animoji during FaceTime

How to Use Animoji with Camera Effects

Animoji is not for only messaging and FaceTime, but you can also use it for photos and videos. You can share the photos and video on other social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. You can use Animoji with the camera by following the below steps:

  1. Open Messages and create a new or edit an existing conversation.
  2. Tap on the Camera icon to take your photo or video.
    Opening Camera in messages
  3. Tap on the Star icon, tap Monkey icon, and then pick your Animoji. Tap on the cross button after selecting Animoji and then you can take photo or video with Animoji over your face.
    Note: You can also add photo filters, text and other features by selecting their icons next to monkey icon.

    Taking a photo with Animoji
  4. Once you are done making a video or taking a photo, press Done button at top right corner. Now you can add a message with this photo/video and send it.
    Note: You can also save it or share it on social media after sending it in a message. Tap and hold the Animoji message and you’ll get the option for saving and sharing.

    Saving or sharing Animoji photo/video
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How to Use Animoji on iPhone X

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