How To Use a Timer To Improve Your Productivity

Working on a certain project, studying for a test and trying to cover up your course or meeting a deadline, all can increase your productivity if the clock is ticking for you. By ‘the clock ticking for you’, I literally mean that you are timing yourself and giving yourself that one push to complete what you have to do in the given time. For instance, when I used to study back in my College days, I often used a timer of an hour to complete at least one chapter within the given time. And to my surprise, I often completed the chapter in less than 45 minutes that really motivated me to complete the next in a shorter time period.

Timers technology has evolved over time and the most recent form of a timer is that within your phones which can be accessed whenever and wherever.

The Basics to Select a Timer

  • While there might be fancy applications on your phones that will help you time yourself against the tasks assigned, you might want to stick to a much simpler timer. Why? Well, the only reason is that you would only be wasting your time filling in the details on the application instead of actually doing a task. And to be honest, such fancy apps always get your attention which makes you want to explore what else the application has to offer. And since you are on a time-budget if I may call it that, then you clearly have no time for exploration. Using a simpler time reduces your chances of getting distracted and helps you focus just on your work and nothing else.
  • We all know that while cellphones and computers seem like bliss, they might also be the main reason why we are unable to meet our work deadlines. The first obvious reason being, the access to either of the two gives you an open invitation to wasting your time either going to Youtube for entertainment, listening to songs or reading something which will not help you complete your current task. So, another important characteristic to consider when choosing a timer is to keep it off of these two gadgets, that is, don’t use timers on your phone or your computer. But having said that, if your work is computer or phone oriented, you can use the timers on these gadgets, but, then it is up to you about how true you are to yourself in meeting your timer deadline and not getting busy text messaging instead. Go the old school way of timers if your task doesn’t require your phone or your computer. That is going to be the best way to get things done without getting distracted by the ‘internet’.

Why Should You Consider Using a Timer

  1. Timers help you keep your work organized. At least it keeps me organized. I always like pre-planning my work and I always try to keep a timer for the work that needs to be done within the given time. This not only helps me achieve my goal of completing the task, but it also gives me some extra time to enjoy my break between tasks. For instance, you have 9 hours and have a bunch of tasks to be completed within those 9 hours. A timer can productively be used here, by assigning each task a certain time limit. Giving yourself that time limit means that you have to complete the tasks whatsoever. Just how we complete our exam in the given time. Don’t doubt your abilities because we all can do it.
  2.  A timer, if not always, helps you complete your task successfully.  When you know that you have one hour, say, for example, to complete an article, you will try your level best to finish that article in an hour. Not less, not more.
  3. Regularly timing yourself fora certain task would help you improve your productivityFor example, a runner keeps timing himself on a daily basis, and with this regularity, he is able to practice how fast he can run in that one minute timer.  Similarly, if you have a task that needs to be done regularly, for instance, writing, then timing yourself on a timer will help you polish your writing skills and help you write more words per minute every day with practice.
  4. We often take time for granted. Procrastinating work till the last minute and not making the most of the time that we have in hand. Using a timer makes you realize what a blessing time is and how we must not waste it. The quality of work done under a well-planned schedule, and the quality of work done in the last minute, has a huge difference. That is why a planned timer, would help you achieve the best and highest quality of your work.
Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.

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How To Use a Timer To Improve Your Productivity

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