How to Upload Photos from Android to OneDrive

Adding photos to OneDrive from an Android phone isn’t a rocket science. It is something hundreds and thousands of Android users would do every day. Uploading pictures, videos and other data on OneDrive is primarily done to back up the data. Phones usually crash and the data is lost. If it is uploaded on a virtual space like OneDrive, they can easily be recovered at any point in time.

There are two ways you can upload your data on OneDrive. One, you can tell OneDrive to automatically upload your photos. OneDrive will ask you about it when you sign in for the first time. You can set it at that time. If you miss it, you can still turn this feature on from settings. Another way of uploading photos on OneDrive is uploading them manually. Both the ways are described here.


Method 1: Set OneDrive settings to automatic uploading

Search for OneDrive App in your Apps. After opening it, tap on Menu () and then hit on Settings. Search for an option named Camera Upload. After you find it, turn Camera Upload to ON. Now that the Camera Upload is on, all your pictures will upload to your OneDrive account automatically, without you having to manually upload them every now and then.

However, this can take up a lot of battery. To cut battery consumption, you can select an option in the same settings named Upload only when charging. With this option selected, OneDrive will only upload your photos when your phone is charging.

Method 2: Upload photos manually

In OneDrive, you can upload photos in the space directly or in a folder. For the latter, select the folder you want to upload your photos to. Once you are where you want to upload, you will see an ADD () button. Tapping this button will open your documents. Search through your files and select the ones you want to upload and they will be uploaded.

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How to Upload Photos from Android to OneDrive

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