How to Turn Off Burst Photos on Camera Timer in iOS 9 and 10

On iOS 9/10, A quirk of the software means the when using the camera timer, it is not possible to turn off Burst mode. This means that when taking photographs using the timer on your iOS 9/10 device, you will take 10 photos in very quick succession, meaning you’ll either have 10 very similar photographs or you will need to choose the one you like the best and delete the other 9/10.

One user on StackExchange explained that they are having a problem with the software, using an iPhone SE running iOS 9.3.2, and was completely unable to change this in the settings – despite checking in Settings / Photos & Camera and looking for options.

Turn Off Flash

Currently, there is only one option to change this, and that is to turn on Flash. This means that when you take a photograph using the timer, only one photograph will be taken, as the phone is unable to flash ten times in such a quick succession. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Open the Camera
  2. Look for a lightning bolt button on the screen. This is the flash button. Press it and make sure that you have selected the lightning bolt that does not have a line through it. This means that it is on.
  3. If you would prefer for the flash to be used automatically, depending on your light and surroundings, you should press Auto. You should be aware, however, that if your lighting and environment do not require flash, and you use the timer feature, then the Burst mode will remain turned on.

This is the only method on iOS 9/10 that allows you to use the camera timer without Burst mode.

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How to Turn Off Burst Photos on Camera Timer in iOS 9 and 10

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