How to Transfer Music to HP Stream 7

The HP Stream 7 is a full-blown Windows tablet. It runs the full version of Windows, and therefore you can’t transfer media to it from a computer via a USB cable like on a, for example, Android tablet or phone, or even a Windows Phone. This is due to the fact that you can’t really connect two hosts via USB, as that is how Windows is set up.

However, given that you have actually two devices running full Windows, there are several ways to transfer music or other files from your computer to the tablet. Some of them are wired, some are wireless, and we will go through each one. You can then choose which one suits you best.


Method 1: Via an OTG cable and a USB drive

An OTG cable allows you to plug a full-size USB drive into your HP Stream 7’s microUSB port. Having such a cable, and a USB drive, means that you can do this fairly easy:

  1. Plug the USB drive in your computer.
  2. Copy any contents you need on your tablet to the USB.
  3. Using the OTG cable, connect the USB drive to the HP Stream 7.
  4. Copy the content from the USB drive, to the tablet, and voila, you have your music on the tablet.

Method 2: Via an OTG cable and LAN adapter

This requires a USB LAN adapter, which you should plug in to the HP Stream tablet via an OTG cable. Simply connect both devices with the cable, and you should be able to transfer the files via the File Explorer.

Method 3: Via a microSD card

The HP Stream has a microSD card slot for expandable storage. This means that you can use a card reader or adapter to plug in the card in your computer, and use it in the same way you would use a USB drive in method 1.

Method 4: Via Bluetooth

This is the slow way of transferring files, and will require that your main device has Bluetooth as well. First you need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

Option 1:

  1. Go to the media you need to transfer, and right-click Select Send to, and then Bluetooth.
  2. You should now be able to see your HP Stream tablet here, and send the files to it.

Option 2:

  1. Find the Bluetooth icon in the system tray area, and click it.
  2. Select Send a file, and choose the destination device (your tablet).
  3. Find the file and send it. The tablet will be prompted to save the data, choose

Method 5: Via Wi-Fi

This method can also prove to be fairly slow, depending on how much data you’re hoping to transfer.

  1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer, depending on which version of Windows you’re running on your computer.
  2. To the left side, in the sidebar, you should see all available computers under Network.
  3. Select your HP Stream 7 tablet, and you will have access to its Public folders. These are folders you can copy files to and from, and you can simply copy your media into these folders.

Transferring files between two computers has been made fairly easy with later iterations of Windows, and this situation is proof that there are numerous ways you can go about if you want to transfer files, so pick one and start getting your media over on your tablet.

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