How to Switch User Accounts in Windows 10

Fast user switching is a useful feature if more than one person use the same computer. The obvious question arises that what is the benefit of fast user switching.

For example, if your brother is using the computer and you want to check your email, you have multiple options. First, you can check your mail while remaining in your brother’s account. However, you may have your passwords saved in your browser and your files in your documents; both would be difficult to access while remaining in your brother’s account. Second, you can just log-out from your brother’s account and log-in to your account. However, your brother needs to save his work and close all programs to do this. And when he logs-in again, he has to open all applications again.

So, in this situation, it is the best to switch user, check your emails and log out or switch user again so that your brother can resume his work from where he left. There are many easy ways to switch users in Windows 10. Here are few of them. Use whatever seems most suitable to you.

How to Switch User Accounts in Windows 10

Method 1: Through Start Menu

Open the Start Menu and click or tap on your username. Choose Sign Out.

Note: If you have full-screen Start turned on, you will need to click or tap on the hamburger button on the top-left side.

It will lead you to the sign-in screen. You can choose the desired user account on this screen.

switch user account windows 10

Method 2: Through Alt+F4

Alt+F4 is a keyboard shortcut to close applications. However, if you click on Windows 10 Desktop and press Alt+F4 keyboard combination, Windows will show you a menu with different options.

Click on Windows 10 Desktop or taskbar.

Press Alt+F4 keyboard combination.

Click the dropdown menu, choose Switch User, and click OK.

switch user windows 10

Method 3: Through Ctrl+Alt+Del

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del any time while working in Windows 10 and it will lead you to a screen with different options. Click on the Switch user option, and a screen will appear letting you switch to another account.

switch user account windows 10-1

Note: When shutting down the computer, make sure that the other user is not logged-in. If you shut down the computer while another user is logged-in, the logged-in user will lose unsaved data.


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