How to Switch off Google Assistant on Android Phone

Google Assistant is a major help when using an Android phone. It helps you read messages and helps you find stuff on the internet or on your phone on your demand. But sometimes, people find this feature almost useless as they never see the need to use it. In that case, people would like to turn Google Assistant off. Another reason why people would turn off Google Assistant is when they don’t want certain decisions to be taken by the Assistant by the phone itself. For instance, if there are certain transactions or messages that you don’t want to be sent, then you would want to turn Google off if there are no other options to limit these actions.

To turn Google Assistant off on your phone, this is what you need to do.

  1. When you open the home screen of your android phone, you need to press the home button on your phone and keep it pressed till Google Assistant appears. For Android phones, there are usually three buttons on the below part of the touchscreen which are used to see a smaller view of all the open apps, the home button, and the back button. The one in the center is the home touch-button.

    Unlock your android phone,a and open the home screen. Staying on the home screen is not a condition to make Google Assistant active. No matter on what screen you are after you unlock your phone, you still can keep the home button pressed to make the Google Assistant active.
  2. Once Google Assistant appears on your home screen, locate the explore tab, which is the last icon on Google Assistants window that appears on the screen of your phone. Look at the image below to see what the icon looks like.
    Clicking on the explore icon

    A window will appear on your screen now, with a heading ‘Explore’.

  3. Click on the three dots that are on the right top corner. Next, click on settings.
    Click on settings from the extended options that appear.

    Remember that the account that is set as your default account, is what you will see on the screen next. This is basically the account which you have used to sign in to all the accounts on your phone, including the phone itself. More options for your settings will appear on the screen after you click on ‘Settings’ from the dropdown list that appears after clicking the three vertical dots.

    Personal info, Assistant, Services and Home. options for you to edit the settings on your phone

    You can change so many things related to your Google assistant here, including the nickname for yourself with which Google Assistant will address you and other important details that will help Google Assistant take the decisions for you.

  4. You need to click on the tab next to ‘Personal info’, that is, ‘Assistant’. This is where you will find options for choosing a device for which you want to switch Google Assistant on or off.
    Click on the Assistant tab

    Scroll down on this screen, and tap the ‘Phone’ tab, which is the last one on this screen.

    Scroll down to find the option for Phone
  5. The screen that appears after clicking on Phone, gives you an option which says ‘Google Assistant’ with a short explanation below the heading, telling you about what Google Assistant does and how it helps you do things for you. On the right side of this, is a switching tab to switch on Google Assistant and switch it off. When the circle for this switch is blue, this means that Google Assistant is active and is working.
    Switch for Google Assistant will be under this tab. This is the switch that will be used to turn off the Google Assistant for your phone.

    Sliding this circle to the left will switch the assistant off, and the assistant will no longer be active on your phone until you switch this same button on again.

    Turn the switch to the left to switch Google Assistant off. Turn it to the right, to switch it back on.

To double-check whether Google Assistant has been switched off, you can go back to your home screen, and keep the home touch button pressed, which is what we did to make the Google Assistant begin working. Now since you have turned it off. The screen would look something like this.

See the difference in the screen when Google Assistant is active and when it is turned off.Clicking on the blue ‘Turn On’ option on this screen can turn the Assistant on.

Here, the program of your phone shows you an option to activate your Google Assistant again by pressing the button for ‘Turn On’, which is in blue in the below right corner as shown in the image below.


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