How to Stop Your MacOS From Reopening Apps After a Reboot or a Crash

By default, at startup The Mac opens those applications that were open when it was shut down or restarted. This feature is designed to help users with ease of access and recover or continue with whatever they were doing by quickly reloading the apps that were loaded before the system rebooted or crashed. However, since this can be a nuisance for some users here’s how to disable it.

Method 1: Disable Reopen windows when logging back in

If you want to do a clean start, then the best way is to uncheck the box that appears when you choose Reboot or Shutdown.

  1. Choose Restart or Shut Down from the Apple Menu. It doesn’t matter which one.
  2. Uncheck the box near “Reopen windows when logging back in”.

Method 2: Change Settings from System Preferences

You can also apply the changes globally  from System Preferences.

  1. Click the Apple icon from the top left.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Click and Open General
  4. From General, Uncheck “Close windows when quitting an app

Method 3: Disable Startup/Login Items

Some items on your Mac are set to start up automatically, regardless of their status at the time of crash or reboot. This is for those apps and programs, which are preconfigured usually by the software vendor such as your antivirus software which is designed to always run on your system. If you wish to disable these items, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Choose “Users and Groups” panel; in the left column, under “Current User”, click on your User name.
  3. Click on “Login Items” tab.
  4. Delete every entry that can launch an application by selecting the item and then clicking the “minus sign” ( – ) under the list.

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How to Stop Your MacOS From Reopening Apps After a Reboot or a Crash

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