How to Stop “Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files” JXR

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a downloadable Windows service for managing photographs and images. Upon opening the application, some users are presented with a message that reads:

Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files?

The purpose of the pop-up is to give the user a chance to set Photo Gallery as the default application when opening certain kinds of image files. The pop up may occur regularly as a result of the user not having necessary codecs – and from time to time, users may find themselves needing to manually update codecs to stop the pop up from occurring.

The window presents a checkbox for ‘Don’t show me this again’, but despite checking the box and then pressing ‘Yes’, some people still receive the message every time they open Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you experience this problem, you can try the following methods which have been widely used to amend the problem.

Method 1: Download Camera Codecs

A Microsoft community user mentions that after updating necessary codecs that there will ‘certainly be another codec update in program from a manufacturer no doubt by the next time Windows Live Photo Gallery is opened’.

The problem occurs because a user does not have the codecs required by Windows Live Photo Gallery to open the images taken by the device. Manufacturers will provide codecs either on a disc or via download from their official website.

Head to the official website of your camera’s manufacturer, or speak to the company’s tech support, and you’ll be able to find codecs available for download. The process will vary depending on the manufacturer. If you still experience the problem after downloading codecs from your camera’s manufacturer, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Run > Default Programs

  1. To stop Photo Gallery from asking to open certain types of files every time you launch it, you’ll need to identify the files it’s asking you to open, and set the software to open them as default. Open Photo Gallery, and note down the file extensions it lists after the ‘Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files?’ question.
  2. Now, click Start on your task bar, in the dialog box, type Default Programs and press Enter.
  3. A window will open, with a link that reads Associate a file type or protocol with a program. Click that option, and look for the file extensions that you previously noted down.
  4. If you can see the file extension, click it and then press the Change program button that appears on the top and right of the window. A new dialog window will pop up, where you should search for Windows Live Photo Gallery or Photo Gallery.  
  5. If you don’t see the extensions, you’ll need to exit the Default Programs dialog box, and open Notepad. Type any text into Notepad, and save the file as filename with format jxr, choose the save as type “All Files”.
  6. Double click the new file, and you should be shown a dialog box that says Windows does not recognize this extension. Click Select a program from a list of installed programs, and then scroll through the programs until you find Windows Live Photo Gallery or Photo Gallery.
  7. Once you click and accept, Photo Gallery will open and say that it cannot open the file – which is fine, as it is only a text dummy file.
  8. Repeat this process with other extensions, and when you have completed, you should be able to open files normally, and ignore the pop-up else you can go to Default Programs to re associate jxr or any other file type with Photo Gallery.
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How to Stop “Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files” JXR

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