How to Stay Secure on Snapchat

When using social networks like Snapchat, you might want to be very careful with the audience that is allowed to view your snaps, your stories and the people that you add on Snapchat. You might as well want to secure your Snapchat account just in case someone tries to break into your account and tries to hack it. So no many cyber-crimes taking place, social networks like Snapchat have made the usage of these applications even more secure by providing some important settings which the user can access and make their account safe.

Take note of the following steps that you can take to secure your Snapchat account and keep your snaps safe with the application.

Login Verification

Login verification can be used by Snapchat users to keep their account secure. In case someone tries to hack your Snapchat account, you will get a notification instantly on your cell number or on an authentication app, any option that you choose. This will help you report a problem to Snapchat as soon as you feel like something is not right. Follow the steps as mentioned below to verify your login on Snapchat.

  1. Open your Snapchat from your phone.
    Open your Snapchat App from your phone

    From the home screen, open the screen where you will find al your stories your friend requests and other settings. This is accessed by clicking on the circle icon on the left top corner of your home camera screen.

  2. Now on this screen, you need to click on the settings icon which is like a wheel, as highlighted in the image below.
    Click on the settings wheel that looks like this.
  3. You will be shown a number of settings now. If you scroll down on this same screen, you will locate the option for ‘Login Verification’. Tap on this to verify your account login and make your account super secure.
    Scroll down the settings screen to find the needed options to make your Snapchat more secure
    Tap on Login Verification to start verifying your Snapchat account and securing it
  4. Tapping on ‘Login Verification’, will show you this screen now. This tells the user how Login Verification will be a useful tool for them to keep their Snapchat account secure. Click the continue tab at the end of the screen to continue with the process of login verification.
    Tapping on Login Verification leads you to this screen
  5. Snapchat will give you two option to choose from for sending a verification code to you. You can either choose the phone number through SMS or ask Snapchat to email you the verification code through an authentication app. Whichever seems easier for you, go for that option.
    Choose the options of how you want to receive a verification code for Snapchat

    Authentication App can be used as an option when you are not currently using your mobile number. This is mostly in cases where you are in another country and need to secure your account. So choose either depending on your current location.

  6. When you choose the SMS option, this is how your screen will look like now.
    After selecting the SMS option, you will be shown this screen, while Snapchat sends you a code through SMS

    Snapchat will automatically send you a verification code which you will then enter in the space given for verification code on the same screen.

    Enter verification code

    Once you have entered the verification code, tap the green icon for Continue.

    You can also further generate a recovery code

You have successfully generated a verification code. You can also create a Recovery Code for your Snapchat account from the screen that appears next.

Controlling the Audience for Who Can See Your Snaps

People add so many friends on Snapchat. While you might not want all your friends to see your snaps. You can always control this.

  1. Go to the settings window as we did in the earlier steps. The settings wheel-like icon.
  2. Scroll down on the settings options to find these there.
    Change the audiences for Who can contact you, who can see your stories and who can add you
  3. Click on Contact me, to control who out of your friends on Snapchat can contact you through snaps, calls or video call.
    Contact You

Controlling the Audience for Who Can See Your Story

  1. Going back to the settings window as we did in the earlier step, scroll down and tap the option for View my Story, to edit who can view your stories on Snapchat.
    See your stories

Controlling the Audience for Who Can Add You

You can also select who can add you using the Quick Add option.

  • Go to settings on Snapchat
  • Scroll down
  • Click on the option that says ‘See me in Quick Add’.
    Hiding from the Quick Add option
  • Uncheck this option if you don’t want mutual friends on Snapchat to find you.

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How to Stay Secure on Snapchat

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