How to Stay Hydrated with your Android Device

I guess that you know how important your lifestyle is for your health condition. You also know that drinking enough water is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, with all your daily tasks, drinking enough water can often be a challenge. So, you need something that will measure your daily water intake and remind you to stay hydrated. Do not panic and search for some crazy gadgets through the internet. Your solution is probably in your pocket.

If you own an Android smartphone, you can install simple apps that will solve this problem for you. Stay with me for the rest of the article, and you will learn how your Android can help you stay hydrated.


Aqualert is a water intake reminder and tracker app that will help you to build your water drinking habit. It calculates your ideal water intake based on your activity level, gender, and weight. You can anytime check the graphics display to see your daily water consumption and hydration level. Aqualert has an automatic bedtime mode, which will ensure that you don’t receive reminders while you are sleeping. Another convenient feature are the notes with benefits of staying hydrated, which you will receive automatically during the day.

Apart from the great features, Aqualert integrates with Google Fit. This is a huge plus for folks who use this platform to keep track of their fitness goals.

If you twist my hand and ask me to tell you some disadvantage of this app, that probably would be the interface which might be little complicated for some users. However, this is an excellent water reminder app, and it comes in a free and paid ads-free version. Here is the download link in the Google Play Store Aqualert.

Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach comes with one of the best looking Android interfaces. Additionally, it has some unique design elements which further improves the look of the app.

This app uses a formula to determine the ideal amount of water you need to drink daily. It adjusts to your personality, which means that you need to enter your age, gender, and weight. You also need to answer some lifestyle questions for even more accurate calculation of your water need.

Hydro Coach provides personal drink notifications and a graphical insight of your water drinking intake with month and week stats. It also can be synchronized with your Google account.

One of the Hydro Coach features that you won’t find in the other apps is the ability to adapt your daily target to your local weather. However, the Auto Weather feature, as well as some other functionalities, are available only in the paid version of the app. And, many users will find this as a disadvantage of the app. Aside from that, Hydro Coach is definitely an app worth trying. Here is the download link Hydro Coach.

Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water is my favorite app on our today’s list. It has an intuitive and simple interface. And, that may be the reason why so many users like it.

This app will remind you when and how much water you need to drink during the day. Like the other water drinking apps, it requires your body weight to make the calculation for your daily intake. However, with Drink Water, you can set your daily start and end time for drinking water. You also can use your Google account for logging in.

What makes this app different from the others is the smartwatch support, which is really handy if you are using one.

Aside from the simplicity, some users may prefer more feature-rich apps. And, If you think that you may be one of them, I wouldn’t recommend this app to you. However, if you like simplicity and efficiency, you should surely try it. Here is the download link Drink Water.

Drink Water

Drink Water is another water reminder app with a focus on the simplicity. It provides alerts and reminders that will help you keep yourself hydrated. You can set the time interval between the notifications to personalize the app behavior to your liking.

As most of the water reminder apps, Drink Water considers your body weight for calculating your daily water need. You can also set the time when you want this app to be active. So, it won’t bother you while you sleep. If you want to see detailed logs and graphs of your daily water intake, this app will also provide that for you.

One area that might be the weakest point of this app is connectivity. Drink Water does not offer you an option for synchronizing with fitness trackers like Google Fit or Samsung Health.

However, if you are looking for the simple app that will remind you to drink water on a daily basis, you should give it a try. Here you can find the download link Drink Water.

Wrap Up

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live and what are your health goals, staying hydrated is extremely important. Feel free to try these apps and pick the one that you like the most. Also don’t be shy to share your experience with similar apps.

I hope that you found this article helpful, and I would be really happy if it could initiate you to live a healthier life.


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