How To Shutdown Windows 8

I know it is a little complicated for many of us to figure out how to shut down windows 8 because of the changes Microsoft has made which is not so user friendly – therefore i list down a few methods here from which you can pick the one that suits you best.

I am going to start with the easiest way of Shutting Down Windows 8 which is with a small batch file i created and placed on my Desktop. With this batch file, i can shut down Windows 8 in a Single Click.

If you want to try it out – then, download it here – shutdown.bat and place the file on your desktop. Double click it to begin the shutdown. That’s method #1

The #2 method  to shut down is to press the Windows Key and L at the same time, which will bring you to login screen.

From this screen, click the Power button located at the lower right corner of your screen and choose Shut down.


#3 is to bring in the old windows-7 style menu back to Windows 8 and shut down the old way. Though, there are many start menu’s utilities available, but my experience is not good with them since they contain PUP’s, potentially unwanted programs packed within them. So i’d recommend Classic Shell – i just downloaded it, and here’s how my menu looks like:

windows 8 menu

So far, the most easiest method was the file method – I also have Start Menu like this, to make my life easier with other stuff such as accessing Documents, Pictures etc.. If these methods aren’t useful for you then ask me in the comment’s below and i’ll be happy to recommend one that would suit you.

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How To Shutdown Windows 8

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