How to Show Bookmarks Bar in Safari 9

After upgrading to MacOS El Capitan or starting fresh with a new Mac (not transferring bookmarks/folders etc.), many iFolks are complaining about not having a bookmarks bar in Safari. If you want to turn the bookmarks bar on, here is how to do that.

How to Turn on the Bookmarks Bar in Safari

  1. First, launch Safari if you haven’t already.
  2. Click on the View menu located at the top of the
  3. Locate Show Favorites Bar.
  4. Click on it to enable.

If you prefer, you can also do that using the keyboard shortcut for enabling/disabling the Bookmarks Bar: Command + Shift + B.

How to Add Sites to the Bookmarks/Favorites Bar

Once you enable the Favorites bar in Safari, you will notice that there are no other bookmarks than the default ones. Here is how can you add sites to the Favorites bar.

Method #1 Drag & Drop

  1. Click on the website name (in the URL bar).
  2. While holding the click, drag it to the favorites bar.
  3. When the green plus sign shows up, release the click and the site will show up in the bar.
  4. Now, you can name the bookmark according to your likings or leave it as it is.
  5. If you want to remove the bookmark, you just create, right-click on it and choose remove.

Method #2 Use the Sidebar

  1. First, enable the sidebar (click the Sidebar icon next to the Forward button in the upper left corner of Safari).
  2. Select the bookmarks icon (if it is not already selected).
  3. Click the arrow located before the Favorites star to open the Favorites section.
  4. Click the Edit button in the bottom left corner of Safari.
  5. In this section, you can add folders and organize your bookmarks to your likings. You can also drag and drop bookmarks to your favorites bar.
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How to Show Bookmarks Bar in Safari 9

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