How to Share Games on PS4

Buying Play Station games in flash sales is becoming more the norm these days and with new games coming out each season, people want to hook up with their friends and play together online for a more better experience.

PS4 Game Library

Even though you can share your games physically via CD, there is also a way through which you can share digital games with your friends digitally. After following Steam and Xbox One, Sony also decided to implement game sharing in their most popular consoles. The method is quite easy and doesn’t require much expertise.

How to Share Games on PS4?

In order to share games on your PS4, you need to deactivate your Play Station Network (PSN) account on your own PS4 and allow the friend’s PS4 to be set as primary in your console. This way your friend will be able to play all the games you own on his own PS4. This method is officially supported by Sony and cannot be considered a workaround or such. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and in order.

Step 1: Deactivating PSN Account on your PS4

At any instance, only one PS4 can be set as your primary PSN account. So before your friend can set your account as his primary PSN, you need to deactivate it on your console.

  1. Press the PS button on your PS4 controller.
  2. Once you are in your PS4 dashboard, scroll and click the Settings
Settings – PS4
  1. Once in the Settings menu, select the option Playstation Network/Account Management.
PlayStation Network/Account Management – PS4
  1. Once you are navigated into the setting, click Activate as your Primary PS4.
Activate as your Primary PS4
  1. Now select the option Deactivate from the next menu. You will see Activate greyed out if your PSN is activated as your primary PS4. If it isn’t greyed out, and you can only click Activate, we don’t need to do anything. Just jump to step 2.
Deactivating PSN Account
  1. Press Yes if you are prompted to confirm your actions.

Step 2: Activating your PSN account as the primary PS4 on your friend’s console

After you have deactivated your PSN account on your PS4, your friend needs to set your PSN account as his primary PS4 to play all the digital games you own.

  1. Head over to your friend’s PS4. Log out his currently logged in account and log in with your existing PS4 account in his console.
  2. Now navigate to PlayStation Network/Account Management as we did in the earlier steps. Select Activate as Primary PS4 and then click Activate.
Activating PSN Account on friend’s PS4
  1. Now you will see a prompt telling you that the action is successful.
Confirmation of Activating PSN Account – PS4

Now your friend is free to log with his own account on his PS4 and enjoy all the digital games you own since your account is configured to be set as the primary PS4 on his console. Alongside this, he can also play his own Library of games in his console.

Note: If you wish to reverse this process and play your friend’s games in your console, you need to deactivate your friend’s PSN account on his console and set it as your Primary PS4 on your console. The same method will be followed as mentioned above.


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