How to Setup MG7720 Wirelessly using the Printer’s Control Panel

Canon MG7720 is an all-in-one solution for your home or office. It lets you print, scan, and copy your documents and pictures. Canon Pixma MG7720 lets you connect it wirelessly, and you can use it to print, scan, and copy over your home or office Wi-Fi network. However, you need to configure it first to use wireless operations. Please follow this procedure to connect it wirelessly.

Before you start connecting your printer, please make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • You have a Wi-Fi wireless network available.
  • You know the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • You have the password (network key) of your Wi-Fi network.

How to Setup Mg7720 Wirelessly Using the Printer’s Control Panel

Turn on MG7720 and tap the Setup

Tap Device settings.

Tap LAN settings.

Tap Wireless LAN connection.

A screen will appear asking if you want to connect a computer or smartphone, etc. to the printer with wireless LAN. Tap No.

Note: You can press Yes if you want to directly connect MG7720 to your computer or a wireless device. However, we want to set up the printer through our Wi-Fi router, so you should press No.

Select Standard setup from Wireless LAN setup menu.

The screen will display a list of found wireless routers. Tap the name of the Wi-Fi router you want to connect to.

A password (network key) screen will appear. Enter your Wi-Fi password and press OK. You can enter uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

A screen will appear telling you that it has been connected to the wireless router. Press OK.

Your printer is now connected to the wireless Wi-Fi network. However, to use all its features, you need to install the bundled software on your computer. Every MG7720printer is shipped with a CD containing required software to print, scan, and copy. To install the bundled software, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The setup will start automatically. However, if it does not start automatically, browse to CD drive and run the setup utility. Follow on-screen instructions to install the bundled software.

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How to Setup MG7720 Wirelessly using the Printer’s Control Panel

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