How to Set Up and Use Project Fi

From self-driving cars to high-end Android Smartphones that can be bought while maintaining a tight budget, Google is working on a horde of things to make the world a better place. One of the tech giant’s latest pet projects is Project Fi, a wireless cellular network aimed at revolutionizing the world of cellular carriers. Project Fi is here to eliminate the greed that other carriers showcase by charging their customers a higher rate for overages and charging them for what they don’t use.

Project Fi charges users a base price of $20 for unlimited texts and calls and $10 for every gigabyte of mobile data that they use. The mobile data that Project Fi offers can also be availed abroad. If a person uses less data than they paid for upfront, they are refunded for every gigabyte of data that they didn’t use. In addition, in the event that a Project Fi subscriber uses more data than what they paid for upfront, the charges for the excess data remain the same and are simply added to their next bill. It has almost been a month seen Project Fi became functional, and, at the moment, only individuals who have been invited to the network by Google are able to register on it.

Getting an invitation to the Project Fi network is pretty easy as all it requires is for a person to sign up for an invite on the Project Fi website and wait in line for their invite to be sent to them. Once a person has acquired an invite to Project Fi, the following are the steps they need to complete to set the service up and start using it:

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Choose the Google Account that they want to use with their Project Fi subscription. A person should make sure that the account they choose is the one they use with the Play Store and the one that is synced with their Google Voice number, in case they plan on porting their Google Voice number of their Project Fi subscription.

  1. Choose the phone number that will be associated with their Fi subscription. This can be their Google Voice number, a number from any carrier that they want to port to their new Fi Network subscription, or an entirely new number.
  2. Choose your service plan. It should be noted that a person’s Fi Network service plan can be changed at any time and the changes that are made will take effect from the next billing cycle.
  3. Buy a Nexus 6 if they don’t already have one, or verify that they own a Nexus 6 in the event that they have one.
  4. Type in and confirm the billing and shipping addresses.
  5. Confirm the plan and the phone purchase once again.
  6. Double check the details to make sure there aren’t any errors.
  7. Press the “continue” button.
  8. Wait for their Fi Network ‘Welcome Box’ and Nexus 6 and/or SIM card to arrive.
  9. Fire the phone or SIM card up and confirm the porting of their number of the Fi Network.
  10. Wait for a couple of hours for the port to go through and a confirmation notification to be received.
  11. Start sending texts and making calls on the Project Fi Network.
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How to Set Up and Use Project Fi

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