How to Root Moto X Play

The Moto X play is a mid range android smart phone that was released In the third quarter of the year 2015, it comes with a 21MP rear camera that features  1080p recording with an f/2.0 lens, while the front shooter features a 5MP sensor, the screen is a 5.5 incher with Full HD display, it comes with an octa core 1.7GHz snapdragon 615 chipset with an internal storage of either 16 or 32 gb, which can be expanded through the micro SD card slot that reaches up to 128GB. The Moto X Play’s battery is a huge 3630mAh battery that also supports fast charging that goes from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. The Moto X play is a wonderful phone that deserves more freedom, we are going to show you how to give it just that by rooting it.

Rooting your phone means giving yourself administrative access, it is the ultimate freedom, after rooting you can do whatever you want with your phone including, but not limited to, making backups using your custom recovery, customizing your interface and functionality using Xposed modules and last but not least, flash fully customized ROMs. Please note that during this process all your data is going to be lost, so take any backups of your data to your laptop or google account.

To make sure that your device is going to be recognized you will need to have Motorola usb drivers installed on your PC, which you can download here.


  • A windows laptop/PC with internet and USB port.
  • USB cable.
  • Your phone well charged.

Stage 1: Download ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

ADB is a link between your phone and your PC, it enables your PC to tell your phone some objects to do. First you will need to download adb setup for your PC system from here once downloaded run the adb-setup.exe file by using right click then run as administrator, when a command window is opened press Y or yes to install ADB and fastboot, press again Y or yes when asked if you want to install ADB system wide, and again when asked to install drivers and wait for few seconds to finish installation.

Stage 2: Unlock The Bootloader

On your phone you will need to enable ADB debugging mode, this can be accessed by going to Settings -> About Device and tap on build number for a few (about 7) times, once you see a message indication you are a developer go back into the settings menu and access Developer Options and then Enable ADB Debugging.

Turn off your phone and then reboot it into fastboot mode, hold Volume Down and power button for a few seconds until it boots, plug your phone into your PC using a USB cable and then search in your start menu for CMD and open the file. In your command prompt type in fastboot oem get_unlock_data . You will see a string of text appear on your command prompt, copy that string of text into a notepad and remove all the spaces (make it appear like it is one line, no spaces). Once done, go to the Motorola boot loader unlock web site, you will see a warning page telling you that unlocking your boot loader might cause problems (don’t worry you can always relock the boot loader if you need to send it to warranty), press next  and log in using google+ (Or your Motorola account if you have one),  while following the instructions you will be asked to paste the string of text you just copied and cleared the spaces from before, paste it and follow the onscreen instructions.

When the process is completed you will receive an unlock key in your email address, take note of that key. Now on your command prompt type in this fastboot oem unlock Type in your key here, wait for your boot loader to be unlocked and then reboot your device by typing fastboot reboot

Stage 3: Flash Custom Recovery

A recovery is a software in every phone that enables you to flash system images, restore factory settings and others, but stock recovery is limited so we need a customized one .After you unlock your boot loader you will maybe need to re-enable ADB debugging on your phone (please follow the bolded guide line after the ‘Unlocking boot loader title’). you will need to download this TWRP recovery from here (download latest version) onto your PC and save it in a folder in your desktop, then turn off your phone and reboot it into fast boot mode by holding volume down and power buttons together. Connect your phone to a PC and in the start menu search for ‘cmd’ copy that file to the folder you downloaded twrp recovery image to earlier. Open the cmd command prompt, copy the name of the twrp image (with the extension, for example ‘twrp-lux-2.8.7-r7.img) and type in ‘fastboot flash recovery “type in the name you copied here” ‘ and press enter. You should see the command prompt flashing your custom recovery to your phone, once done type in ‘fastboot reboot’ to reboot your phone.

Stage 4: Root Your Phone

Onto your PC, download this superSU zip file from here and copy it to your phone using the file explorer. Now disconnect your phone from your PC and turn it off. Reboot it back on to the fast boot mode (by holding VOL down and power button for few seconds). Now select recovery from the options appearing in your fast boot screen.

Once in TWRP recovery, press install from the menu and browse to the superSu zip file you copied onto your device earlier, press on it and swipe to confirm the flash, wait for it to complete the flashing and reboot your  device by clicking reboot in the menu followed by System. Your phone should be rooted with superSU application install, the first initialization can take up sometime but after that your phone will be as smooth as ever.

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How to Root Moto X Play

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