How to Root Huawei Nexus 6P

The Huawei Nexus 6P is currently on android 6.0 (Marshmallow). In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to root your phone allowing you to take advantage of its open source software and use many rooting features like Custom Recovery, Custom ROMs and Kernels and using Xposed Framework.

Before you continue with the steps listed in this guide; you acknowledge and accept that any damage to your phone caused by your attempts to root your phone is your own responsibility. Appuals, the (author) and our affiliates will not be responsible for a bricked device, dead SD Card, or anything to do with your phone. If you don’t know what you’re doing; please research and If you do not feel comfortable with the steps, then DO NOT PROCEED.


Your laptop with usb port and internet.

A usb cable

Your phone fully charged (just in case something pops up)

Stage 1: Downloading and installing ADB

First you will need to have an adb interface installed on your computer, adb is a bridge between your computer and your phone that allows it to run a few commands like rebooting, flashing and unlocking the boot loader. To get an adb interface all you need is to download google’s official android sdk manager, you can download that from here, once downloaded go to your C:\ and create a folder named SDK Manager, access the folder and copy into it the zip file you downloaded earlier, extract the zip file into its own folder and access that folder, double click on the  SDK manager.exe and in it you will need to install these packages: (Android SDK tools, Android SDK Platform tools, Google USB Driver, Android Support Library) by checking on them and press install, now navigate to your SDK folder and you shall see a Platform Tools folder with fastboot.exe and adb.exe.

Huawei Nexus 6P-1

Stage 2: Unlocking the Boot loader

To enable ADB Debugging on your phone , you will need to go to Settings->About Phone and search for Build Number, click on that about 7 times until you see a notification telling you that Developer Options are enabled or that you are a Developer, go back into the Settings Menu and access Developers Options, scroll down and check USB Debugging and Enable OEM unlock.

Huawei Nexus 6P-3

Once DONE, using your usb cable connect your phone to your PC and in the Platform tools folder open a Command window by holding SHIFT and Right Click on any space in the folder and select Open Command Prompt here, In the command prompt type in adb reboot bootloader you will see that your phone is rebooting into the boot loader mode, wait for it to reboot and then type in fastboot devices if it returns to you the serial number of your phone (a string of numbers) then your phone is properly connected, if not return to the SDK manager and make sure that Google USB drivers is correctly installed. Now type in fastboot flashing unlock

Huawei Nexus 6P-5

You will now see that your  phone is on a confirmation screen, use the Volume Keys to go to confirm and Power Button to confirm it. Wait for the operation to be correctly done and then disconnect the USB cable and restart your phone.

Huawei Nexus 6P-6

(Note: every time your phone boots you will be greeted with a warning message telling you that your phone’s boot loader is unlocked and that you need to relock it, this is normal, just ignore that message).

Stage 3: Flash Custom Recovery

Now to install the SuperSU and root your phone we will also need a custom recovery, recovery is a software shipped with every phone that enables you to flash firmware and go back to stock firmware but the stock recovery only flashes original firmware so we are going to need a custom one, we are going to use TWRP recovery for this phone which can be downloaded here, place the file you downloaded in the folder where your fastboot.exe  and then open a command prompt using the same method as before, once in the command prompt type in fastboot flash recovery twrp- and tap the Power Button to reboot your phone.

Stage 4: Rooting and installing Super SU

Once rebooted download the Super SU file from here and copy it to the internal storage of your phone, when copied open a command prompt in the fastboot.exe folder and type adb reboot recovery, you will see your phone booting into recovery mode which will be an interface like this one.

Huawei Nexus 6P-7

Press on Install and then browse to the Super Su zip you copied to your internal storage earlier, check that zip and swipe to flash it, when done go back and press on reboot and reboot to system.

Note: If TWRP asks you to install root file, do not accept, the root files are already installed, TWRP root files will mess up the root.

Once booted you may need to go in the Super SU application and update the binaries within the application.

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How to Root Huawei Nexus 6P

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