How to Rip DVDs to Windows Easily

If you want to rip a DVD to your Windows then you are at the right place. Ripping a DVD, if you don’t know already, simply means that you will create a copy of DVDs content on your Computer. Once you successfully rip a DVD, you will have a soft copy of that on your machine. The rip of a DVD isn’t just available for the computer. You can rip your DVD in to a various number of formats including an iPhone or Android format. This way, you can make a soft copy of your DVD that can be copied and watched on your cell phone as well.

Now, why would you need to rip a DVD? There are a lot of scenarios where making a soft copy of your DVD will be useful. Most of the people do it because, well, it’s just really convenient to have a copy of your DVD on your computer. You can watch it whenever you want, share it, transfer it to your phone and what not. Also, having a DVD takes physical space especially if you have a lot of DVDs. So, you might be someone who wants to get rid of the physical DVDs. You should also create a copy of your DVD in case you lose your DVD. There are many reasons that you would want to have a rip/copy of your DVD.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

This is a tool that will be used to create a rip of your DVD. It is a very useful tool with a lot of features that make the task of ripping a DVD very easy. It can easily rip any DVD to mainstream video formats like DVD to MP4 or DVD to AVI or DVD to WMV and lots more. The good thing about this tool is that it contains a lot of options, the conversion is lossless and it works on Mac as well. So, you can follow the steps given below even if you are on a Mac.

But, why do you need this tool? Well, although Windows 10 is great and delivers a lot of new features when compared to its predecessors, it still doesn’t come with a pre-installed DVD ripping program. This might be because Microsoft doesn’t think that it is an important feature. But, with everyone switching to smartphones, tablets and laptops, people are trying to get rid of DVDs. There are, also, a lot of people who wants to store their favorite old movies on their computers and share it with the world.

So, since Windows doesn’t come with a DVD rip software, we will be using the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

Rip the DVD

Here are the steps for ripping a DVD on your Windows/Mac.

  1. Go here and download the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for your platform

  1. Double click the downloaded file once the download is finished. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your system
  2. Insert the DVD that you want to create a copy of
  3. Run the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum once it is installed
  4. Click the Disc option (top left corner)
  5. Select the DVD from the drop down menu. This should be the DVD that has the content you want to rip
  6. Click Ok

  1. Now, you should see a window with a lot of options. These are the presets for you. Just select the one that suites you best. For example, if you are making a copy to use it on an iPhone then select To iPhone Video and then select any of the presets. You can change a few settings if you want to customize the settings but don’t mess with the settings if you aren’t sure
  2. Click Ok

  1. Now select the destination where you want to copy to be placed
  2. Click Run (bottom right corner)

  1. Wait for the program to create your rip

That’s it. Once the process is finished, you should have a copy of it in your selected destination folder.

Note: The same steps can be used to create a rip of your DVD on a Mac. Just download the Mac version in step 1 and follow the steps given above.

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How to Rip DVDs to Windows Easily

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