How to: Replace Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery

Innumerable customers of all Smartphone manufacturers from Apple to HTC and everything in between have been constantly complaining about the fact that almost all of today’s high-end Smartphones do not grant the user access to the device’s battery. A non user-replaceable battery not only means that a person cannot simply remove the device’s battery to turn it off in the event that it freezes but also means that they can’t swipe it out for a fresh one if it’s running low on juice. However, Samsung has managed to continuously make sure that even the most high-end of its devices have user-replaceable batteries, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is living proof of that.

The Galaxy Note 4’s battery is, indeed, user-replaceable, and the following are the steps you need to follow to remove a Note 4’s battery. If you don’t have the replacement battery, you can get it cheap from Amazon for by Clicking Here

First of all, in order to gain access to the Galaxy Note 4’s user-replaceable battery, you will have to take off the device’s back cover. In order to do so, first insert one of your fingernails or a relatively small plastic opening tool into the recess in the back cover that is located to the left of the Note 4’s rear camera. Make sure that whatever you have inserted into the divot is fully secured, and then peel off the Note 4’s back cover. When prying off the device’s back cover, you need to be extremely careful and gentle as the Note 4’s extremely thin back cover is highly flexible but also really fragile at the same time.

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Removing the Note 4’s back cover will give you access to everything that’s under its rear hood, and that includes the fairly large compartment on the right side of the Note 4’s rear that houses its battery. To remove the battery from the device’s body, inset your fingernail or an opening tool into the divot that is located in the bottom right corner of the battery compartment, and then lift the battery upward to remove it from the device.


Once you are done tearing down the device and removing its battery, all you need to do in order to reassemble the device is to follow the steps above in reverse order.

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