How to Replace LG G3 Screen

This is a step by step guide for those looking to replace the screen on an LG G3 Phone.

1. Place the phone facing down so you see the back of the phone.

LG G3 Back


2. Lift the back panel of the phone using the gap located on the bottom-left side of the phone, then using the plastic tool insert it into the gap and move it along the edge so the rear case ejects itself.

rearcaseLG G3


3. Take the battery out.


4. Unscrew the 13 screws – the screw circled in red is different so place it separately in order to avoid confusion when re-assembling.




5. Locate the same gap as you did in earlier step and remove the bottom panel by gently lifting it using your fingers.



6. Now remove the top panel, by lifting gently with your fingers – don’t lift it forcefully, as it may crack the top panel.



7. Now with the plastic tool, gently wedge under where the ribbon cable is connected and gently life up to pull/disconnect the ribbon cable. Repeat this step for all four ribbon cables.




8. Now lift the motherboard firmly, don’t lift too hard and don’t damage the ribbon cables, doing so may result in damaging the functioning components.


9. Now take off the head phone part, the headphone port is kept in place with an adhesive, it will take time and effort to get it out


10. Now take off the metal tape, to reveal the ribbon cables that are connected to the screen. This tape is stucked tightly, so you will need the plastic opening tool to slowly get it off. Try to save the cable so it can be re-used.




11. Take the ribbon cables off from the back of the phone – you may have difficulties using the ribbon cables with the plastic opening tool, if so then use a thinner to get underneath it along with the plastic tool, eg. metal pick.




12. If you wish to preserve the LCD screen for whatever reason, it is recommended you use a heat gun around the sides in order to weaken the adhesive that keeps the screen in place.


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